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Month: November 2018

The Ultimate Hens Night Ideas & Organization Guide Part- 4


Ladies, we all know you love your food – however I can tell you from experience that food isn’t as big of a deal as you would expect. I don’t mean to state that having great food isn’t fantastic, i’m just stating that having personally been to over 300 Hens Night Gold Coast In Australia and the majority of food goes to waste during drinking events.

What is the reason behind this? Well cocktails of course! Let’s be honest ladies when you are at a Hens night Gold Coast there is nothing more you would want than to be getting intoxicated, as fast as possible – it’s the simple nature of Hens Nights! That means that although there might be a few nibbles around you are definitely not going to want a big buffet or anything too filling.

Stick with the nibbles ladies, the basics will do just fine and won’t take anything away from your event, a few bowls of chips, finger food (spring rolls, sausage rolls, pies, mini hot dogs), a nice cheese board and a few sweets.

Now I know for a fact that my words of warning will not go through, and you will want to do extravagant food anyway to make your hens night pretty. I would recommend a big cheese board (always a hit), a candy bar (girls love candy) and some nice pizzas (not dominos).

Honestly I promise you there is no need to go overboard with food, it should be the least priority of your budget when organizing a hens night – If you want to organize food I would suggest having a group dinner at a restaurant before heading to your hens night destination (still keep it light though). If you have a huge budget then by all means hire a private caterer to come in and prepare gourmet canapes, but you will probably be getting all of this during the wedding so it’s just extra hassle.


Accommodation is always a tricky one in Bachelorette party packages Puerto Vallarta, it’s impossible to organize accommodation for everyone invited out to the night – unless it is circumstantial and you are all at a interstate/international location – but the typical hens night usually goes down as follows; The bridesmaids stick together with maybe the absence of a few and then everybody else is on their own. It is perfectly normal to organize accommodation for you and the hen + a select few others and expect everybody to organize their own way, especially when you are heading out to a night on the town.

bachelorette party packagesA fantastic trend that I have seen a lot is the use of Air BnB. This service is a bridesmaids best friend for organising a great hens nights in a private venue close to wherever you desire with included accommodation. Ideally you would be looking for an apartment/townhouse in close proximity to wherever you’re heading out to, which has room to host 20 people or so (4 bedrooms or so) . This will allow you to have a cocktail hens night event with cheeky topless waiters, unlimited alcohol and perhaps a sneaky male strip show, all within the comfort of your own place. It’s private, it’s cosy and it is a great way to spend an evening (or a great thing to do before heading out on the town). These are often easy to find and you can book them whenever – however obviously if you have a date secured for the hens it’s better look sooner than later so you have the best options.

Things to note when booking and Air BnB;

  1. Do they allow events/parties
  2. Do they allow loud music
  3. Is there late/after hours access if in a residential/apartment complex
  4. What are their clean-up policies (it may get messy)
  5. What equipment is supplied that could aid in catering (oven trays, glasses, plates)

I have noticed a trend of Air BnB’s stating “No Events” on a lot of their profiles, what I would say to this is if you have less than 20 people you would be fine for something like this – however anything over 25 people are you would be pushing your luck. There isn’t always going to be somebody keeping an eye on how many people you have, if you are in a townhouse (not an apartment complex) then honestly you could easily have 20+ people and as long as you clean up properly they would never notice. Any sort of residential apartment complexes get a bit dangerous though as the next door neighbours on the floor are usually aware the owner uses it for Air-BnB and tend to complain to apartment reception/the owner.


The squat is a combination of multiple factors with proper timing to be executed to quality standards. Majority of the problems are mobility issues that we can fix with a mobility exercise before a squat session. A personal trainer in Richmond fitness will help you properly warm up before a squat session.

1.) Thoracic extension

A stiff middle-to-upper back will cause the squat to feel forced and unnatural. A quick fix for that is with the use of a foam roller. Place the foam roller underneath the shoulder blades (lying face up) and have your chest pushed upwards. This allows the spine to extend more; allowing more range. A personal trainer in Richmond fitness will ensure you have proper extension before performing a squat.

2.) Shoulder mobility

richmond fitness

richmond fitness

A poor grip on the bar will influence the squat and ultimately performance. Tight shoulders causes the arm to internally rotate and will decrease the quality of the squat. Using an elastic band can easily fix this problem. Hold the band with both hands slightly wider than shoulder width with slight tension, raise both arms up and behind you, and lower the band so that it is now behind you. If it is too easy increase the tension on the band. This will lubricate the shoulder joint during dynamic movement.

3.) Ankle mobility

Without proper ankle mobility, the body will tend to pitch forward in order to compensate for the weight distribution. Place your foot against a wall with the toes up and leg straight. Slowly rock the body forward and back to move through the range of motion in the ankle. This will allow you to feel a stretch in the calf. A personal trainer in Richmond fitness will ensure you have enough ankle mobility before performing the squat.

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Gastric Sleeve Surgery – What You Need to Know

Gastric sleeve surgery has received a great amount of adulation from patients and medical professionals alike since it was first introduced as a weight loss method. Contrary to what most people think, however – this procedure is not available to just anyone who wants to lose weight. In fact, there are strict parameters observed when determining whether a patient is a candidate for gastric bypass or not.

Those who are looking to undergo this procedure should first and foremost understand not only its process, but also the risks involved. Listed below are the top facts that people should know about the gastric sleeve diet after one year procedure, particularly its benefits and potential drawbacks.

What does the Gastric Sleeve Procedure Entail?

This particular surgery involves removing 85% of the stomach, thereby effectively reducing its capacity to accommodate food. The surgery is performed laparoscopically, thus reducing the trauma on patient.

protein water australia

protein water australia

Immediate and Long Term Effects of Gastric Sleeve Plication Surgery

Since the stomach has been significantly reduced in size, the patient will not be able to consume enormous amounts of food and beverages like he/she did in the past. Among the immediate effects, include feeling full for longer periods of time after having a light meal, which is a key factor in maintaining one’s ideal weight.

Drastic weight loss can also be expected in about 1-2 months after the surgery as the body adjusts to the reduced amount of calories consumed.

Long-term effects include effective maintenance of ideal weight, and a significant reduction of health risks such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and many other life threatening conditions.

Note: In order to maintain ideal weight, patients are required to go on a gastric sleeve diet after surgery.

Cost of Gastric Sleeve Surgery

This procedure costs about $10,000 to $15,000. It would be smart to check whether this procedure can be covered by your health insurance.

Who are the Candidates for this Procedure?

In order to be considered for a gastric bypass surgery, a patient must meet certain requisites, one of which includes his/her weight. Only those who are considered morbidly obese and are in danger of developing coronary and/or circulatory complications as a result of the existing weight problem.

Generally, people with a BMI or Body Mass Index that greater than 40 (30 is considered obese) are good candidates for this procedure. However, other tests may be required in order to determine whether the patient will benefit from having the surgery.

Potential Risks of Gastric Sleeve or Bariatric Surgery

As with any other type of surgery, there are certain risks involved in the process. Among the potential complications, include the following:

Leakage of the Sleeve – In certain cases, the staples used on the stomach do not hold properly, which would result in a leak. This aberration may very well cause infection in the digestive tract, which would be aggravated by stomach acid build-up.

Blood Clots – Certain patients may have previously undetected clotting problems, which can cause blood clots and/or aneurysm during or immediately after the procedure.

Weight Gain – In very rare cases, patients regain back most of the weight they previously lost due to the stretching of the stomach. This can be prevented by regular checkups to ensure that the stomach maintains its postoperative size.

Gastric sleeve diet after one yearis definitely a good idea for people battling severe weight problems, mainly because of the permanent results it provides. Before deciding whether to take this course of treatment, it is necessary to consult with a qualified physician and get sound medical advice.


digital marketing fitness

5 Steps To Reach Your Target Audience More Effectively

Do you ever get the feeling you are being followed? You’re not crazy. You ARE being followed…around the Internet, that is, based upon your search history.

As a digital marketing fitness professional, it is my job to ensure I am on top of the latest trends in digital marketing so that I can apply that knowledge to campaigns I am running for my clients. I am used to getting questions that begin with … “that sounds great, but how do I…” followed by a lot of silence while they wait for me to explain how they can incorporate a new trend into their own digital marketing fitness campaigns. The silence was almost deafening on a recent webinar when I casually mentioned that if you aren’t using retargeting campaigns and look-alike audiences in their campaigns, they are leaving a potential windfall on the table. It honestly did not occur to me that the webinar participants had never heard of these words when they were being aggressively targeted themselves on a daily basis.


digital marketing fitness

Did you know that only 2% of website visitors purchase on their first visit? That means that 98% of people who visit your website or check out your offer for the first time bail without ever converting into a purchasing client. Sure, that 2% may become long-term, repeat customers, but if you’re letting the other 98% get away without purchasing anything, you are leaving a LOT of money on the table, and not yours.

Advertisers pay thousands of dollars to Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube for the opportunity to get in front of potential buyers when they’re actually looking for something to buy. Utilizing pixels, or pieces of code that live on landing pages, advertisers are able to capture your information and essentially follow you around the internet and your network area, and present you with opportunities to purchase what you’re searching for. The pool for potential buyers is deep, but so is the sheer number of companies who want to earn their business. This is why you have to ensure you are in front of the consumer when they are ready to purchase.

Real Life Example:

My niece is about to get her drivers permit and she has big (read: unrealistic) dreams of her first car. Last weekend, she asked my sister if she could borrow her laptop to research potential vehicle options and spent over an hour comparing body types and options and researching prices. Apparently, she spent quite some time researching Audi and BMW SUV’s as well as a few more reasonable Honda options.

Fast-forward to that evening when my sister went online to check out her Facebook feed. Lo and behold, there was ad after ad from local car dealerships and pictures of the “way out of her price range” SUV’s my niece had spent the day researching. How in the heck did that happen? She hadn’t researched these cars, why are ads for them showing up in her feed? Simple answer: retargeting from pixels to her computer’s IP address that had captured search history that day.

As most of you know, we specialize in creating fitness challenges for our clients and primarily utilize Facebook as our medium for advertising these challenges. Using Facebook pixels, we are able to capture information from prospects who do not take action on our offer. In this case, we are able to create a custom audience of people who seemed to be interested in fitness, body fat loss or nutrition and target them specifically based on this information. Through a retargeting campaign, we can provide them with more information about the challenges via email as well as provide them with another opportunity to click through to finish registration via additional ads and/or emails as well. If they fulfill the purchase, opt out or the campaign wraps up, the prospect is taken out of the retargeting campaigns. The best part about retargeting your audience, though, is closure. You can be sure you have done everything you could to get the sale before letting a prospect walk away without purchasing.

Look-Alike Audiences

Working hand-in-hand with retargeting digital marketing fitness campaigns, the look-alike audience is the BEST way to get in front of a cross-section of consumers who exhibit the same buying patterns and interests as current members of your club. How is that even possible? Have you ever had a group of clients that were so amazing that you wished you could have a hundred more just like them? Wish no more. Facebook has made it possible for you to upload a list of your current audience and using an algorithm I won’t even pretend to understand, they are able to create a new CUSTOMIZED audience for you to market to.  You just “tell” them that you want to target people that have the same behaviors. For more info you can Click Here.

In below video two experts shared their marketing ideas for fitness business. To learn watch the video now.

Both retargeting and look-alike audiences are only two of a plethora of marketing angles that pre-empt an online sale these days. If you would like to get more information about how these opportunities can help your own facility, we would love to chat. Make an appointment with us here to see how Profit Marketing Solutions can help take your company to the next level.

Web Development

How to Hire an Expert to Level Up Your Ecommerce Store

When one plans to create an online mall, Shopify frequently comes by as the default choice. Even while Shopify is more expensive as compared to several of its competitors, start-ups and entrepreneurs are invariably drawn towards Shopify.

Shopify offers a range of advantages over its competitors as an eCommerce platform. It is more flexible and easier to manage, right from the very beginning. Shopify is scalable as well, and correspondingly a more feasible solution which lasts as your business grows.

Overall, Shopify is value for money. It boosts conversion rates and results in higher ROIs. The robust admin panel is easier to manage for people from a non-technical background. To get started with, you’d need to hire a Shopify expert who will design your store in just the way desired and prime it for success.


Why do I require the services of a Shopify Expert?

Numerous business owners have the opinion that it is easy for them to create a Shopify store for themselves, with the tools available. They can then make a payment and host the store using one of the plans available.

This is possible. But letting a Shopify experts work over your Shopify store for you is the best way out.

On the other hand, if a business owner is planning to create a Shopify store for himself, he would require sound technical knowledge for the same.

It is hence a common practice for start-ups and entrepreneurs to hire Shopify developer to create an online store for their businesses. Services of a Shopify expert ensure that your web mall has a trending storefront and aesthetic service pages. The functionality stays flawless. The responsive online mall loads quicker and is a high performer over SEO parameters.

Shopify SEO brings SEO value for your online mall but a Shopify expert can do more for the SEO, depending upon the unique market positioning of your store. Similarly, the services of a Shopify expert will result in an enhanced branding for your store.

How much would I spend on hiring a Shopify Expert?

Calculating the cumulative charges involved

Before going ahead with a Shopify plan, a business owner should have an idea about the total expenses that he’d be incurring for creating a Shopify store.

One can buy any of the three Shopify plans available and make a selection based upon his requirements and budget. Then, one buys a domain name for his online mall. A business email and paid apps are optional purchases. Some free apps are available as well, besides paid apps. Another potential investment over your Shopify store will be a paid Shopify theme.

Factors that render an influence over the costs incurred

Several factors define the costs associated with hiring a Shopify Expert. They include the kind of the store, and the sections, functionalities, and features that it will have.

When a Shopify expert does more work over your Shopify store, he charges you more. Similarly, Shopify experts who have elaborate work experience will charge you more as compared to Shopify experts who have only a year or a few months of experience.

A generic blueprint of the costs included

As a generic estimate, you are likely to spend $500 over hiring a Shopify expert and developing your store in entirety.

In case you want a very basic store with limited features, it is okay to hire a Shopify expert on an hourly basis. The work will cost you between $100 to $250, and creating the store won’t take over a couple of days to accomplish. Most of the building tools required are available at Shopify building tools.

Creating a store over a medium scale will cost you between $300 and $600. Similarly, expert development will cost you between $700 and $1000.

For a large scale store, it is preferable to hire experienced Shopify Experts.

We are the preferred agency for Shopify store development and you can hire Shopify experts from Us. We create basic and complex Shopify stores across domains and rework your existing Shopify stores. Our detailed know-how of Shopify helps us create winning stores, time, and again. They are high performers on SEO parameters, load fast, and attract the right kind of consumer cross-section demographics. The stores are the perfect amalgamation between aesthetics and functionality.

crossfit pasadena ca

Pendulum, the Anti-Buy Now


We are becoming the fattest, and least healthiest generation in American history. We sit, eat, and drink more than ever before.

PENDULUM is the antithesis of this generation. crossfit Pasadena ca will not be okay with things that are easy. crossfit Pasadena ca embrace the process and are okay with failure. Because, we believe that when we fail it leads us closer to what we are trying to learn and become. crossfit Pasadena ca were made to be in movement, using our bodies, playing sports, moving heavy things, having fun with family and community while eating fresh and nutritious food. The time is now for putting a stop to this generation and like a PENDULUM swing back in the opposite direction and constantly stay in motion.


crossfit pasadena ca

crossfit pasadena ca

People are paying more for medical bills (see CNBC) and pills than ever before. However, do not want to pay for a membership that is a fraction of the medical bills they receive.  We will fight this trend. People are joining CrossFit gyms for the exercise, but they are staying because of the results and the community. Because people matter.

Drew, Christina Girton and Dario Ruiz, the owners, have worked as personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, tennis coaches, Fitness Managers for different Fitness Clubs and a Division 1 University. With a combined 20+ years of experience between Drew and Chris, you will not find a more battle tested and educated staff in Los Angeles.

The hardest step to take is the first one, we will be here to help you through that journey. We look forward in hearing from you soon.  If you are interested in taking the next step fill out the link to try out a free intro session with us.

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Best ECommerce SEO Themes

The number of e-commerce stores over the internet has reached a proportion that was once unimaginable. In such circumstances, it is important to prime one’s online store for success.

This starts with choosing the right platform for building one’s e-commerce store. Shopify has been the preferred platform for building e-commerce stores upon, ever since its release. As of present, over 600,000 online stores run over Shopify.

Shopify is the most comprehensive among all E-commerce platforms and brings ease to managing an online store. It has good SEO performance, insightful reports, and prime marketing features. Shopify apps meet a host of purposes and the stores created over this sophisticated platform stores are highly secure.

We are Shopify experts with specialization across Shopify theme development and uses custom Shopify themes for your store. We are also a seasoned Shopify theme editor and come up with a Shopify custom theme that matches your requirements in the finest of ways. A Shopify design that we create is a perfect match for your customer’s preferences. We are also the best in the class Shopify web designer. Contact us today to create Shopify store that is aesthetic, has a flawless functionality, a good SEO performance and delivers measurable returns.



Wokiee is a theme characterized by its versatility. They just got 16 all-new themes and several new blocks. This can create an e-commerce theme that is exactly like what you have been planning. Wokiee can be used to create several atmospheres for e-commerce, sophisticated or fun.

As a sustainable theme, WOKIEE is sure to deliver high performance for your store across the years to come. We are the preferred Shopify experts for working over WOKIEE.


Basel version 3.0, which is the recently updated version for Basel, is now out. Basel is characteristically a multipurpose theme for Shopify. A range of storefront styling can be achieved with Basel, for vendors across domains such as food and drink, electronics and fashion.

On can customize the color scheme or use the drag and drop page builder. Moreover, Basel has compatibility with the Nitro Apps range – Including Cartify, Stockify and Nitro live Coupon. We are your preferred Shopify developer for working over Basel.


Shella is the ultimate Shopify theme and we are the best Shopify experts for working upon Shella. The theme has a performance like nothing else. It starts delivering a high performance right from the initial fast upload of the store.

Shella comes with advance features such detailed, easy to use and powerful search functionality. They also have a banner builder and an advanced MegaMenu builder. Skins are added and updated frequently.


The catchiest feature about Ella is its regular updates. The store gets better and better with each passing day. Moreover, they keep adding new, attractive skins to their collection by the day. It allows one to easily use the best among the available alternatives for festive or holiday seasons or shopping offers.

Ella is among the most comprehensive of Shopify themes and with Shopify experts like Us, one finds maximum value for money with Ella.


Boutique is a theme with an attitude and is characterized by its raw finesse. Boutique initially started as a fashion theme, but with its clean lines, several e-commerce stores can be set up using Boutique.

An advantage that comes with Boutique is that it is highly affordable. The hundreds of options available let one come up with just the kind of store that he is looking out for. With Shopify experts like Us, the functionality of Boutique is matchless.


An engaging and professional design comes by as the first step for growing a business and getting more sales. A visitor is likely to judge your web store based upon the first impression. If one does not like the look, one may choose to move on altogether. Alternately when one finds sync with the look, it reflects overview times, sales, CTRs, and customer retention rates. The theme used garners credibility for the store, and We are the top Shopify experts to get it just right for your online mall.

organic clothes baby

Organics Romper – Silhouette Prints – Mustard Elephant

The Unisex Pigeon Organics Silhouette Romper in Mustard Elephant print is truly beautiful, with fab contrasting striped cuffs and feet. So comfortable and soft on little ones gentle, sensitive and delicate skin, keep your little one warm and snug throughout the year. Ideal to sleep, play in or even wear it out and about or under any clothing! Pigeon use lovely 100% organic cotton baby clothes which is super soft, super long lasting, non itchy or rough!

Simple to change your little one in and out of this side fastening romper and great for nappy changes. You can use the fantastic cuffs at the feet, to keep closed when babies are small and unfold them as the baby grows.


  • 100% organic cotton
  • Nickel Free Poppers
  • The legs can be turned over (inside out) so little feet can be covered
  • Comes in 4 sizes; Newborn, 0-5m, 6-12m and 12-18 months

organic cotton clothing

organic cotton clothing

Free Delivery on all UK orders


Royal Mail Standard – 2 to 4 Working Days – FREE

Royal Mail 1st Class – 1 to 2 Working Days – £3.40

Next Working Day DHL Express – £9 (If ordered before 1 pm Mon to Fri)


European Standard Delivery – Estimated delivery within 7 working days – £7.50 (Free for orders over £100)

European DHL Express – 3 to 4 working days – £20


North America Standard Delivery- up to 2 weeks – £12 (Free for orders over £100)

North America – DHL Express – 3 to 6 working days – £20


Australia Standard Delivery – up to 2 weeks – £14 (Free for orders over £100)

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Rest of World Standard Delivery – Up to 2 weeks – £14 (Free for orders over £100)

Rest of World – DHL Express – 3 to 6 working days- £28

*If you are ordering from outside the UK or European Union local taxes and import duties may be applicable and payable when the delivery reaches the specified destination. You are responsible for payment of any such taxes and import duties. Please contact your local customs office for further information before placing your order. We cannot predict their amount or have any control over these.

**Please note! In the rare instance that your delivery is very heavy we may contact you for extra delivery costs.


If your order has been accepted, we will dispatch your order as quickly as possible Monday to Friday. Orders placed after 1pm on Fridays will be dispatched the following Monday. For any orders placed over the weekend, these will be processed the following Monday.


Once your order has been fulfilled we will send you a confirmation email to the address you entered in your order. If you selected an express courier option, this will include your unique tracking number to track your parcel. You can track the progress of your delivery from despatch to delivery.

Returns Policy

We hope you love everything you order, but in case you don’t, not to worry. We will happily accept returns for unused merchandise in its original condition at time of purchase for up to 30 days from purchase date.

For items purchased on, we offer a full refund (with the exception of gift wrapping and shipping expenses associated with the order) if they are returned in their original condition within 30 days of purchase.

If in the unlikely event your product has a manufacturing defect, please contact us at or call us on 020 7193 6913. We are here to help and resolve any concerns Monday through Saturday from 9am GMT to 6pm GMT.

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