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Month: December 2018

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When Zack de la Rocha left Rage against the Machine in October 2000, the band’s future lively was obviously in question. Within months, rumor had it that ex-Sound garden frontman Chris Cornell would be swapoed de la Rocha. Gossip fueled truth, for Cornell joined the rest of Rage in the studio in May 2001. The mix was huge and a musical bond was in the making. Cornell, Tim Commerford, Brad Wilk, and Tom Morello spent the next year writing and recording, and it appeared that Audio Slave band would soon come to form. By spring 2002, the foursome was no longer going by the Rage against the Machine name and signed on for Ozzfest. But before the summer tour even got underway, Cornell quit the new project. He claimed it wasn’t moving forward in the way he’d hoped for. The breakdown didn’t last, for Cornell joined the rest of the Audio Slave band by early fall. They’d tossed around the idea of being called Civilian, but settled on Audioslave. First single “Cochise,” which is named for the great American Indian chief who died free and unconquered, debuted in September 2002 and did moderately well among radio. Audio slave’s Epic debut was released in November.

In the spirit of the super groups of the past, two of the most vital bands of the ’90s have pooled their talents to create a new band: Audioslave. On November 19, Epic Records will release Audioslave’s self-titled debut album featuring former lead singer/guitarist of Soundgarden, Chris Cornell (vocals) and Rage Against The Machine’s Tim Commerford (bass), Tom Morello (guitar), and Brad Wilk (drums). Audioslave was recorded in Los Angeles at Oceanway Studios with producer Rick Rubin.

Chris Cornell formed Sound garden in 1985 and over the course of 12 years the group recognized themselves as one of the most influential rock bands of the ’90s, selling over 20 million records worldwide. Rolling Stone’s David Fricke writes in , “On their ’94 master blast, Super unknown, Soundgarden blew a big, black hole through the burnt-boogie angst of heavy Muzak, organization to sound both fried and alive in the fine thunder-and-color tradition of late-period Led Zeppelin.”

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As Sound garden continued to release critically acclaimed and platinum-selling albums, the music of Rage Against The Machine was bring a fierce and uncompromising meld of punk-inspired hard rock and politically-charged rap to the mainstream charts. With the release of their self-titled debut in 1992 the face of rock music began to change.

“On the strength of the album,” wrote Timothy White in Billboard, “they must be viewed as one of the most original and virtuosic new rock bands in the nation…Rage Against The Machine generates the most wonderfully articulated torrent of hardcore bedlam that one could imagine. Plus the hopes invested in these humming murals of urban din are equally visionary.” Rage against the Machine went on to sell 15 million records worldwide. Audioslave contains 14 tracks (see below for tracklisting) counting their first single and video “Cochise.” The video for “Cochise” will be directed by Mark Romanek.

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Cheap Protein Powder

Cheap Protein Powder Reviews

Welcome to Cheap Protein Powder Reviews, the top information source for all things protein powder! I thank you for visiting. Allow me to explain… This site exists because of a need. I personally spent much time attempting to find information on protein powder after finding myself interested in body building and weight lifting. I read that I needed to increase my intake of protein, but these books from the 1970’s suggested that I eat more red meat, more eggs, and more tuna. This ended up meaning I increased my caloric intake drastically along with other unwanted items like carbohydrates and fats. It wasn’t until high school when I was exposed to supplementing with protein powders. So off I went looking for Cheap Protein Powder Reviews. The search was not an easy one. What I found was piecemeal from here and there…

The Search for Cheap Protein Powder Reviews

Cheap Protein Powder

Cheap Protein Powder

In my searches, I stumbled upon many reviews from varying people. I found reviews from experts and consumers. I found Cheap Protein Powder Reviews from athletes, body builders, weight lifters, and wannabe’s. The one thing I never did find was a go to source that gathered all of the information and compiled it in one spot. So that’s what this site is. Cheap Protein Powder Reviews is meant to save you time, because there is no reason in going through what I did. It’s a waste of time. We have the resources and information available to us to share information with those looking for it. So if you are here looking for Cheap Protein Powder Reviews, you are in the right spot!

What to Look for in Cheap Protein Powder Reviews

So in general, what keywords and what concepts are you scanning for when reading Cheap Protein Powder Reviews?  You should immediately be identifying the amount of protein per serving is and what the serving size is. Within that serving size, how many carbs are you taking in? How about grams of fat? These are important questions. What flavor is available? Often times you will find vanilla, chocolate, and even strawberry. You will be hard pressed to find fancy flavors though. Since it is a powder, will you be hardcore and just chew it up, or will you make a shake? Does it mix with milk or water? If it mixes with milk, you will want to adjust the calories and other information to also consider the components of the milk. Does it still compare well with other brands? Read all of the Cheap Protein Powder Reviews and make an educated decision.

The Best is What is Best for You! Cheap Protein Powder Reviews!

Ultimately it is a subjective decision as to which protein powder is the best. As you are reading these Cheap Protein Powder Reviews, you need to decide what qualities you are looking for. Do you want to bulk up, or tone up? Do you want to supplement for health, or supplement for fitness and athleticism? These things will make a difference as to which protein powder is the best for you as an individual. So read these Cheap Protein Powder Reviews carefully. Consider the Cheap Protein Powder Reviews deeply while keeping your personal goals in mind. Your fitness aspirations are yours and thus your decision will be tailored to you specifically.  Best of luck in your adventures and let me know how I’m doing. Please check back regularly because I’ll be adding more Cheap Protein Powder Reviews frequently and regularly.  Thanks again. Have fun exploring Cheap Protein Powder Reviews, and come back and see us!

ecommerce development

Should You Do It Yourself Your Shopify Site?

Do it yourself or DIY comes with its unique appeal. It is a more affordable option than hiring a professional. Similarly, completing the project comes in with a sense of accomplishment.

But DIY is not as simple as it is made to look over TV or online. To create Shopify store for your business, a business owner must seriously consider if he intends to go ahead with the project by himself.

The options available at disposal include DIY, hiring a Shopify developer and an intermediate arrangement. As an example, a business owner may choose to outsource the design and development part and make slight changes to the website and content by himself using an easy to use CMS.

If you come to realize that Shopify app development or Shopify customization is complicated, We are the Shopify consultant to meet each of your requirements associated with your Shopify store.

Full DIY: Building an E-Commerce Store Yourself

DIY lets you create a Shopify store all by yourself. Here are the steps for the same:

Step 1: Choose a Theme

Go through the custom Shopify themes and select the Shopify design that meets your preference in the finest of ways. Your Shopify theme can be customized with the use of various layout options, apps, and integrations.

A nicely presented website design has a bearing over consumer interest and makes your website come by as reliable.

Step 2: Add Your Imagery

The imagery characteristically involves graphics over the website, custom logos and product photography.

Step 3: Content

An important step involved with getting your profitable Shopify store up and running is getting the product descriptions and the about us section right.

Step 4: Go Live

Going live is a complex decision and businesses are apprehensive before making their websites live while the functioning is not up to date.

But you must still go live. In the meantime, keep making tweaks over the websites when it is live.

Step 5: Revise. Improve. Repeat.

Maintaining a Shopify store is an ongoing process. Tweaking strategies deliver a competitive edge. The market competition is also high. So one must use analytics to figure out what’s working and lay emphasis on it.

A Shopify store must change with the market demands over time, to thieve in the industry. This helps keep on the same page as the end- customer and accentuates branding while nurturing consumer loyalty.

Partial DIY: Design it Yourself + Hire a Pro Developer

You can have your in-house team create the design for your unique store. A Shopify developer like Us can help you in this regard. You can then partner with a developer to create the Shopify design. Over Shopify, one finds links to preferred development experts.


Hire a Pro: Design and Development

If DIY is overwhelming, We are the Shopify developer of choice and our services are end-to-end.

With us as a Shopify developer, you will have the best Shopify custom theme ready for your store. The theme will be high on aesthetics and functionality and will deliver rich dividends for your store.

We as a Shopify developer ensures that you follow the best practices for your designer Shopify website. The image resolution is proper, logos are professional and all design elements are consistent through your designer Shopify website.

As a result, the SEO performance of the website is top-notch and page loading times are lower. This keeps the end customer engaged, and reflects over sales, click-through rates, return on investments and repeat customers.

If you choose Us as your Shopify developer – we will create a dedicated CMS for your website. You can also hire Shopify expert from Us.

Using the CMS, you can make minor changes to your website or update content, product descriptions, blogs and images over your website. You can also use analytics, run offers in shopping season and churn out offers for elite consumers.


We as a Shopify developer and a Shopify web designer makes sure that your store has world-class aesthetics and functionality. It is delivered in designated timelines at an affordable budget. Your Shopify store comes by as a true reflection of your brand.

The Ultimate Hens Night Ideas & Organization Guide Part- 5

The Four Things Every Lady Needs At Her Hens Night

Topless Waiters

Topless Waiters are the must have of any Hens night in Sunshine Coast, they are a lot of fun, great to look at, know lots of hens games, will provide fantastic massages and will serve you and your guests drinks all night! Which girl could ever say no to a hot guy handing you a cocktail?

Topless Waiters are very easy to organise, simply do a search locally for “Topless Waiters in Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane/Adelaide/Perth/Gold Coast” for example and choose the top candidates appearing on the ads section of google – when you choose people participating in ads you know their sites are active because they are putting money into marketing – it verifies them somewhat, if you are actually coming from melbourne feel free to look into our John Parker Topless Waiters – we charge $130per hour with a two hour minimum, and only $110 per hour for 3 hours.

When booking topless waiters all that is required is a time, location and general idea of what kind of event you are organizing. They can pretty much cater to any event style, formal high tea with a cheeky twist, or a straight up raunchy hens cocktail party. When booking Topless Waiters, ensure the website you are booking through is up to date and looks fresh and appealing – the standard in which a business keeps their content/website is normally a good indicator of the standard of Topless Waiter they will be supplying you, I get resumes from gentlemen every day wishing to become Topless Waiters and only a rare one or two will ever pass our standards and our interviews (or even get replies), however I will then check our competitors and see the same gentlemen’s photo who had a terrible personality sitting in their list of waiters. Be careful!

For a list of John Parker’s Topless Waiters Click Here

Things to do with your Topless Waiters:

  • Body Shots
  • Massages
  • Hens Night Games Participation/Judging
  • Drinks/Food Serving
  • Photo Taking / Photo Poses For Bride
  • Stare!

Male Strippers

The ultimate bachelor party packages Puerto Vallarta experience – a male stripper to your door! A strip show is pretty common practice in hens nights these days, a right of passage if you would. Unfortunately stripping is a very difficult art to get right, finding the perfect balance of not too arrogant, not too bulky, not too raunchy but just raunchy enough to keep the girls happy is actually very tough!

There are two ways to organize a stripper for your hens night, you can either have one come to you, or you can go to them. Having been in the industry for awhile now I can say that having a stripper come to you is always a better option – male strip clubs are usually dirty and not very pleasant, and often the show itself is brief and not very interacting (apart from the one girl who goes up on stage). Having a stripper come to you gives a far more entertaining, engaging and personal touch to the entire experience, in addition to this you can often pick your male stripper out of a variety of different strippers.

This way you know you are picking someone you think is cute, as opposed to rolling the dice at a public stripping venue. John Parker’s Male Strippers sometimes stick around for awhile after the event to hang out and talk to the ladies if they don’t have any more events on – it’s a great way to grab some more free male entertainment!

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