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Month: October 2019

How Can I Improve My Online Presence?

Having an online presence isn’t just about staying in touch with your locker mate from high school anymore. Real business opportunities can arise from the right digital branding but the stakes are high. The right digital moves lead to new connections. The wrong moves can make you look foolish, or even hurt your standing in the business community.

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Today we will look at the dos and don’ts of online branding, from optimizing your LinkedIn Profile & Resume Writing Service, to the importance of shaping your key messages so you’re branding stays relevant and reaches the right audiences.

Do: Establish a Presence

Needless to say, the World Wide Web isn’t just a fad. More than three billion people are active users of social media. If you can’t be found online you are missing out on a vast reservoir of potential connections and resources.

Do: Find your niche

With a lot of ‘noise’ online these days, it’s helpful if you have a niche audience, rather than producing content for every man and his dog. Find the type of people you want to share your messages with and keep them in mind when creating your content – this will ensure your presence is effective and efficient.

Do: Keep SEO front of mind

Using key phrases and ensuring you’re up to date with the latest SEO tricks, will ensure that you reach like-minded people and that your content can be easily found. Whether you’re righting a LinkedIn article, a blog for your website or even sharing your thoughts on Facebook / LinkedIn or twitter. Having the right key words, headlines and hashtags will be the difference between your content being seen, and your content being pushed by the wayside.

Don’t: Be Divisive

The majority of people use their social media or digital presence to express their views. There is certainly an extent to which this is acceptable behavior.

If you want to share your personal insights into business trends, an online outlet may be an appropriate place to do so. However, it is important that you make sure the message you’re putting out there is more cultivated and thought out than that of the average internet user.

Avoid the thorny issues. Politics, religion, etc., will isolate at least half the people viewing the content regardless of your stance.

Do: Present a Consistent Image

The difference between a branded image and your average Facebook page is consistency. Social media profiles can be all over the place. It’s not strange for a Facebook user to post a picture of their dog, a complaint about their neighbor, and a personality quiz all in the same hour.

However, if you’re to create a truly branded image of yourself, you want to be more deliberate in what you put out into the World Wide Web.

When people view your page, they should find valuable insights that could come only from you. As an executive, creating this content won’t be difficult. You’re an authority on something. The content you produce should be light, readable, but also firmly rooted in the niche that you operate within.

Do: Consider Getting Your Own Domain

Social media is all well and good. In fact, it’s an invaluable part of having an online presence, but if you want to take your digital branding to the next level, your own website will do the trick.

However, if your online presence is to be scattered around several places (i.e. a website, a LinkedIn, a Facebook page) be sure that you’re consistent across platforms.

You want to produce the same impression regardless of if people are finding you on your website or your Facebook.

Don’t: Post Anything You’ll Regret Later

It’s almost a cliché at this point, but don’t post anything you will regret later. The internet has been known to be a career killer when done the wrong way. There are major examples of this. James Gunn being fired from a Marvel movie for tweets from many years ago comes to mind.

But there are also smaller, less obvious violations that can undercut your credibility. Even photos of yourself drinking, or appearing to be unprofessional can have a major impact on your career somewhere down the line.

Produce a cultivated image of yourself online. Be precise in the message that you convey. You’re an intelligent, successful business person who has everything going for them. Make sure what you post online speaks to that. If a potential post doesn’t, then consider deleting it and replacing it with one that does.

Your online presence is more important that you think. Tread carefully and treat your online self with respect and confidence, as you would if you were at a professional networking event.

Powerful Marketing Strategies That You Should Be Using Right Now

New digital marketing tactics are emerging every day, and then there are the tried and tested favorites as well. If you’re feeling stuck in your digital marketing campaign, or if you feel like your reach has hit a wall, it might be time to try one of these strategies.


What is marketing for fitness? It’s pretty simple. You are giving prior first contacts a second chance. Whether it was someone that didn’t click on a banner ad or similar, you’re going to target that same person with new ads through tracking cookies and making new ads for various social networks.

Remarketing helps to continue engagement early in the sales funnel, and it’s proof that you don’t have to give up on everyone who passes on the first chance to buy your product or service. As a bonus, remarketing helps boost brand awareness as you will appear more often for that user in different visual formats. 


Content still reigns as King and is personally my favorite 3 marketing strategies you should be Using right now. Video has taken over as the primary medium for reaching your customers. Quality video marketing will be something that your customers want to watch and is packed with valuable information. These two factors lead to a high conversion rate. For example, doTERRA’s YouTube page doesn’t just talk about essential oils they also branch into holistic health and other relevant topics that interest their target audience.

Video is the chance to go beyond the front of an ad. You’re not making a 30-minute sales pitch or creating an infomercial. You’re trying to connect with your target audience in a memorable way. Chirp’s YouTube does this by empathizing with their customers’ back pain while also delivering information and signature cheesy humor.

Local Search Marketing

When it comes to gaining attention from the public, it pays off if you’re generally easy to find. You can’t rely on Google to do all the work anymore as it may take months for “spiders” to crawl through your site and log the info into Google’s massive index.

To start local search marketing for fitness, you will need to begin with Google My Business, a tool that tells Google that you’re a business and you want customers to find you. At first, it might only seem that it’s helping people with directions or if they already know your business. But this tool is how your bakery shop will pop up in a search such as “donuts near me.” Additionally, it will significantly impact your inbound marketing for fitness by attracting new customers as it allows you to increase engagement with your customers directly.

It’s not easy to select your digital marketing techniques with so many options available. By using remarketing, video, and local search marketing, you can boost conversions, grab attention from new customers, cash in on reviews, and build your brand.

Ways to Attract More Local Customers for Gym

You’ve finally invested money on the location, machines, and the staff has configured your gym to get maximum efficiency. Now, the most critical thing you need to do every month is to ensure that a steady stream of fitness clients come through those gym doors. You have to get people to come to your gym and sign up for membership. Here are five ways to attract more local customers to your gym.

Coupon Drops

Using coupon drops attract local customers to your gym. You can either drop off printed coupons around town within a one hour drive away from your gym, or you can have them access a printable coupon from your official site. The coupon can include a one-week free pass, free consultation with your trainers, or a twenty percent discount on annual gym membership to entice them to come. 

Capitalize on Social Media

It is now a techie world with every single person reliant on their mobile device. Everyone is practically connected via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Capitalizing on digital marketing fitness is a great way to tap local clients. Connect with your clients by frequently updating your page or tweeting about events and promotions. Keeping engaged with your local clients is one way to build loyalty because they know you care. They would be more inclined to share about your gym or give their compelling review if you establish a more personal relationship with them. On top of this, utilize social media advertising, which is cheaper, is targeted locally, and is more effective than the hard-selling traditional ads.


Another great way to attract local customers to your gym is via sponsorships. This means forming a symbiotic working relationship with other businesses, where they help advertise your brand and vice versa. One way to do this is through sporting events [1], where companies come and promote their brand to your gym patrons. In turn, they can give you products or even funds. They can also help market your sporting events to their clients. The key here is finding companies that match your business, like meals on the go or those that sell supplements. Working with local businesses can be useful in gaining greater visibility among new potential customers.

Partner Up to Build Programs

Another great way to attract clients to your gym is to partner up with local companies to help them build their company fitness program. It is vital to make them realize that a healthy worker is the greatest investment because he or she can work optimally. Plan a gym open house for the company and offer bulk discount memberships for their workers that sign up for your fitness program. Maybe partner with the local schools and promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage kids to exercise.

Offer Virtual Classes

Once again, leverage on technology and set-up virtual fitness classes that people can access remotely. Setting up affordable classes online, where people can watch workout videos anytime, is one good way to help augment your gym income. On top of that, this is also an awesome method to keep connected with your members who travel frequently for work or recreation.  

There are many great ways to attract more local clients to your gym. The most important thing is for clients to see and feel your sincerity. Remember that signing them up is not the ultimate goal, but rather it should come secondary to your goal of establishing long-term relationships with them. You have to continue to work hard by providing them good experiences and great customer service to ensure that they stay loyal to your brand.

driving lessons Gold Coast

Driving Lessons with A Money Back Guarantee

We want you to be totally sure you are going to have the right driving instructor so we are offering you a money back guarantee on your first lesson. It works like this, if you are not entirely happy with your lesson just email us within 24 hours of your lesson ending, or phone us between office hours and we will refund you.

Actually we can give you a choice, a refund or a different instructor, and the choice is yours. If you want your cash back and you want to go elsewhere then no problem. Your first lesson is £25 and that is for two hours and there are no other fees on top of that. You second lesson price will depend upon the driving instructors but we will give you all the pricing information you need prior to your first booking. So on your first lesson you pay over the phone to insure your money back guarantee and for the remaining lessons you pay the driving instructor directly.

How Good Are The Instructors?

Unlike many driving school who use non-qualified driving instructors, yours is fully qualified. When you phone we will give you all the info you need, from type of car, how many years’ experience they have, and once the booking is complete the instructor will call you to confirm details. They will just want to make sure they know where you want to be picked up from and where you want to finish. You will give us your address, but if you live in a high rise our on a lost country road it’s always best to have that direct 121 contact isn’t it.

How Do You Pay?

When you first make a booking you will make a secure over the phone payment to our AU call centre team, and upon doing so a receipt will be emailed to you. We do this so we can make sure we can provide you with a money back guarantee, all we do is refund your card. On your 2nd lesson you will pay the driving instructor directly and you make Payment arrangements from there.

What If You Want Your Money Back

If you are not happy with your driving instructor Brisbane then let us know within 24 hours of your driving lesson finishing. If it’s a week day the best thing to do is call us, we’ll give you a special number to be able to do that. Or you can also email us, and if you are on a weekend you will need to do that. We will offer you a choice of a refund or changing to a different driving instructor, but we will only offer you one opportunity of changing instructors. How Do You Book? To make a booking we ask you to complete our booking form and we will phone you. We prefer to work this way because we don’t want you waiting if we are busy, and we often are. So let us call you back, if we miss you we will leave a voice message and we can try you again. We aim to call you back within 2 hours. The member of the team will give you their name and phone number if you need to phone us at any time to rearrange the lesson for example. We will take your details and ask about your driving experience so we can put you with the right driving instructor to suit your needs. Once we have taken payment, we will confirm all the details again with you. Email it to you along with a receipt of purchase and the next thing to happen is the instructor Brisbane giving you a call.

Who Are Search For Driving Lessons?

You can find our parent company at and we help driving instructors across all of the AU with leasing cars, training, business support and accessories such as clothing. We have a close knit family like relationship with instructors and schools, and they needed a good way of finding more learner drivers without having to increase their lesson prices. So together we have come together to form an alliance which helps driving instructors and learner drivers.

We Are Independent

We are an independent and family run business, which means we don’t float on the stock exchange like some driving schools and therefore we don’t have to have high prices. Being this way also means each driving instructor can arrange their own training, to make sure they have the best skills on offer and not to hide behind a brand name where the customer can be misled over quality.

There Is No Risk to You

Some Driving schools do not give you a full money back guarantee. So when you book your first driving lesson with us you are 100% safe, your money is not at risk. Telling the difference between one driving school and another is very difficult to someone not in the industry, and let’s face it the last thing you want is to find yourself with someone you just don’t get along with. So we carry that risk, leaving you to go and enjoy your driving lesson – stress free.

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