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Month: November 2019

Your Next Business Meeting For Ideal Lake Location

Finding an Ideal Waterton Location for Your Next Business Meeting

Our staff starts with an intensely beautiful setting overlooking upper Waterton Lake. Then, they add the finest and largest conference facility in the Park and mix in a staff of professionals who will attend to every detail. They know how hard you are working to plan a successful conference. They will work as your partners, ensuring that your conference reflects the effort and commitment to excellence you have made. Our friendly and experienced staff will ensure that all your guests are well attended and taken care of.

waterton accommodation

Planning a business meeting or conference is not an easy task and may seem a bit overwhelming sometimes. It takes a lot of thought and effort to bring together several pieces and organize a successful business meeting. At our sister hotel, Bayshore Inn Resort & Spa, we offer you the best of Waterton accommodations to make your meeting efficient and productive.

We have a team of dedicated and professional staff members who will make sure that you plan a unique, refreshing and unforgettable business event. Our aim during this business event is to turn your ordinary business meeting into an extraordinary event where you will impress your clients, sign important deals, and enter into partnerships with confidence.

waterton lakes accommodation

Often called as the best Waterton Location, we provide a host of services and facilities to make your stay comfortable and easy with us. Our conference facilities accommodate- 240 person seating in our Waterton Glacier Room, 125 person seating in our Waterton Room, 300 people theatre-style seating in our Waterton Glacier Room, 100 person seating in our Glacier Room, 30 person seating in our Blakiston Room, 144 person seating in our Dining Room, 400 people seating in the tavern adjacent to the Bayshore Inn, and additional seating on our lakeside patio. We offer comfortable seating arrangements, well-ventilated spacious meeting halls, etc to help you create a perfect setting for your upcoming conference. Also, we provide a tasty and delicious three-course meal to keep you energetic and refreshed throughout your meeting. Our food service includes- breakfast, lunch and dinner plate, breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet, snacks, beverages, etc.

Also, our licensed bar helps you spend a calm and relaxing evening with your clients and discuss business deals while enjoying your favorite drinks with scrumptious snacks. So, if you are looking for a unique destination to organize your next business meeting, then get in touch with us today!

The Smart Guidelines

The Importance Of A Proper Warm-up And The Smart Guidelines For Gym

Proper Warm-up

We have stressed the importance of a proper warm-up before exercising and I hope you have started to implement one into your routine. However, now that summer is approaching and the temps are increasing I want to make sure that when you finish you are not just grabbing your keys and running out. I know you want to get in and get out but it’s very important that you allow yourself time to cool off. This cool-down period should involve a much lower level of intensity. Your heart rate should slowly return to normal and you should start to feel as if you did before you began your workout. Adding a cool-down to your routine will help to reduce lactic acid build-up by giving your muscles time to push it and other substances out of the muscle as well as increasing blood circulation bringing nutrients and oxygen throughout your body. Try and add a cool-down period to your works this week’s personal training cumming ga.

warm up and cool-down

Smart Guidelines For Gym

In life, it is important to know where you started and where you want to be. To do this, we set goals. It’s the same when you start a fitness program. It is important to know and document where you are right now and set goals for yourself.


When setting goals, follow the SMART guidelines.

Specific: Each goal you set should be clear and easy to understand. It is easy to set broad goals but breaking each goal down into specific things will help hold you accountable to it.

Measurable: Each goal should be easy to measure. You must be able to track your progress and know when you’ve reached your goal.

Attainable: It’s easy to set goals but each goal must be attainable. Find a good balance between a goal that’s too easy and one that is too hard.

The Smart Guidelines

Relevant: Set goals according to where you are right now. We are all at different points in life so not everyone’s goals are the same. Find a goal that meets you where you are right now and pushes you to do and be better.

Time-bound: Every goal should have a time limit. If there is no deadline, the motivation will diminish quickly. Set an end date an push yourself to get there.

It is also important back on track is key. When to have accountability. We all fail. It’s part of life. But having someone who will help you get you fail, fail fast. Each day is a new day, each meal is a new meal, each workout is a new workout. Don’t let one bad decision throughout the day ruin an entire day.

Remember the goal you’ve set and do everything it takes to achieve it!

bathroom-renovations-edmonton - Morrison Homes

Small Bathroom & New House Building Ideas

When it comes to Edmonton houses…The space is only as small as your thinking.

If you’re looking for some great bathroom renovations Calgary ideas, you need to think outside the box–figuratively and literally.

What Defines a Small Bathroom?

New Construction Homes For Edmonton AB

A new homes in the eyes of Donald Trump will probably be different in the eyes of you or me.

So, for one thing, Edmonton houses are small in relation to the overall size of the house. Generally, we can say that a new homes ranges from 1.5 square metres to 4 or 5 square metres.

Secondly, Edmonton houses do not all have the same functions. A new home builder can be:

  • Half-Bath: A toilet and sink, just a place for guests to take care of their basic needs and wash their hands.
  • Three-Quarter Bath: Toilet, sink, and either shower or tub. A fully-functioning bathroom to take care of all of the residents’ needs.
  • Full Bath: Toilet, sink, shower, and tub. It’s difficult to shoehorn a separate shower and tub into a Edmonton houses, so these tend to be combined as one unit.

Small Bathroom Design and Renovation Ideas – Tips and Tricks

  • Use pedestal sinks rather than large vanity cabinets to save space.
  • Be mindful of the “door swing.” In a Edmonton houses, the door swing can take up as much as 25% of the room.
  • Windows, while always welcome, can take up valuable space and make it harder to place large units (shower, tub).
  • Place toilet, sink, and shower/tub along one wall to mitigate costs.
  • Lighter paint colours make the room feel airier, larger.
  • While it might not seem logical, laying ceramic or resilient tile at a diagonal makes small bathrooms feel less cramped.
  • How do you feel about linen closets? If you have closet space just outside of the bathroom, this is the place where you should store towels–instead of taking up valuable space inside the bathroom.
  • Don’t overload the senses with wide trim. Keep the trim proportional to the size of the houses for rent Edmonton.
Houses for Sale in Edmonton - Morrison Homes

Get This Look for Your Small Bathroom

Why This Works for Edmonton housing: Peaceful colours give new homes feeling of spaciousness. Wainscoted shelf behind sink provides storage space.

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