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Month: March 2020

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Fitness Coach: Should You Hire a Virtual Trainer?

There is so much technology out there today.  We have more opportunities and more is accessible to us than ever before.  Services that used to be limited to brick or mortar can now be done online, often with face-to-face video communication.  The same goes for gyms and fitness programs.

It should go without saying that fitness is an important part of life.  Exercise relieves stress, helps us sleep, manages our bodyweight, makes our bodies stronger, and helps us live longer.  And that’s just a few of the benefits. However, sometimes, it’s hard to make fitness a consistent part of your life. Even though we know we should do something, we don’t always have the knowledge or motivation to do it.  People often say, “I know I should workout, I just don’t do it because (insert excuse here).” Or, we might hear, “I know I should workout, but I don’t know what to do.” This is where a coach steps in.


When you make the decision to hire a fitness coach, you are making a decision to bring someone in your life to force you to do what you know you should do.  You are literally paying someone to keep you accountable. CrossFit Pittsburgh coach is a neutral, unbiased, unattached third party in your life.  This allows your fitness coach to look at what you are doing well and evaluate where you are struggling without being clouded by emotions.



This is number one.  As humans, we hate going back on our word.  When you work with a fitness coach, that coach is going to make you set tasks and then hold you accountable for completing those tasks.  A fitness coach won’t yell at you, or get frustrated, when you fail. He/she will work with you to determine triggers and roadblocks to work through.

It’s Designed for You:  

You will work one-on-one with your fitness coach to put together a fitness program that is designed for you.  This is a personalized program. We aren’t talking about a customized program. A customized program is a general program that has been modified. On the contrary, your fitness coach will start from scratch because you are a unique person with unique goals and needs.

Personal Attention:  

When you are in a fitness class, you will receive some attention from the class coach.  When you are working with a virtual fitness coach, you get full attention.

Regular Check Ins: 

Your fitness coach will check in with you weekly, if not more.  This will depend on your desired level of service. Some will need personal training.  In those instances, your fitness coach will be with you virtually every time you train.  If you simply want personal programming to do on your time, you fitness coach will check in once a week to make sure you are on track.


There is always the concern that a personal fitness coach is really expensive.  That’s not always the case. Certainly, it’s going to depend on your level of service.  For example, a personal training coach that is with you virtually every time you work out is going to be more than asking a fitness coach for personal programming.  However, because it’s virtual, we don’t have all the overhead of leases, equipment, cleaning, etc. So, we can keep the cost low for you. For example, at Industrial Athletics, virtual coaching can start as low as $40/week.

5 Real-World Examples of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning (ML) is a subset of artificial intelligence (AI) that focuses on giving computer systems the ability to improve from their experiences without being explicitly programmed by an outside source. Put another way, it allows for computer programs to analyze data and use it to learn for themselves. Machine learning methods are sometimes grouped under the umbrella of deep learning, but a machine learning algorithm can generally be placed into the category of supervised or unsupervised learning.

The supervised machine learning approach allows a program to apply concepts previously learned to new data using pattern recognition and labeled examples. Essentially, the machine is shown how to properly perform a function and is then able to infer how to perform the function based on the training data.

The unsupervised machine learning approach involves the training of an algorithm without classified or labeled data. This allows the algorithm to perform functions using unstructured data, enabling unsupervised algorithms to perform more complex tasks than their supervised counterparts.

There are a wide variety of machine learning models that fit one of these two categories, or represent a combination, and each machine learning model is useful for specific tasks. Sets of algorithms are gathered in neural networks which are somewhat comparable to the human brain. The following are just some of the practical applications of machine learning.

1. Classification

It’s hard to overstate the applications of machine approaches when it comes to classification and categorization. The supervised machine learning approach is particularly suited to these tasks since it uses known labels to construct a data set. These tasks essentially consist of diving groups of data each into a separate category. Classifier systems are integral to all computer fields as they are the basis of organization. Without classifiers, all other ML applications would be impossible, from big data applications to a small relational database.

2. Image recognition

One of the most common uses of machine learning is image recognition. This is a process of identifying key features or objects present in digital images. A good example of this is face detection. It also has many more applications in analysis such as pattern recognition, individual face recognition, letter recognition, and more. While there are many techniques available to achieve these goals, using a machine learning approach has become the preferred method in recent years.

Optical character recognition can be taken a step further through sentiment analysis. This is a real-time application of machine learning that utilizes data mining of text to determine the sentiment of the author. This can be particularly useful for data analysis and storage and can help organizations quickly determine metrics such as customer satisfaction.

3. Video surveillance

Being able to properly identify a person in frame on security camera footage is extremely important, and video surveillance is one of the more advanced machine learning applications. Video files contain much more information than text or image files, and extracting all useful information is crucial. An ML algorithm can track a person across multiple frames of a video and identify them based on walking pattern and other identifying features or behavior, with facial recognition being the most prominent. Even a glimpse of a potential offender in the image can be useful, and machine learning methods are invaluable to analysts trying to make the most of security footage.

4. News coverage

As natural language generation continues to advance, it’s actually possible for bots to use a database of local information, historical data, or any other relevant sources to write news stories. This is often done to cover gaps in local news coverage, and many news outlets such as USA Today, Reuters, and Buzzfeed have used news bots to create stories and make predictions as to how news will spread. News bots can also be used to analyze sources, and some have even been able to convert simple stories into short videos and narrate them thanks to computer speech recognition.

5. Financial security

Naturally, cybersecurity is one of the top priorities for any financial institution, and it’s one of the most important applications of machine learning. Banks use ML methods to detect fraudulent transactions and alert their clients to the possibility of such activities. This is done by analyzing financial activities and delivering risk scores to make predictions about fraudulent actions.

Of course, online retailers and payment services also need to implement impeccable fraud detection as well because recovering from cyberattacks can be much more difficult than preventing them in the first place.

6. Computer speech recognition

Sometimes referred to as automatic speech recognition, this is the transformation of spoken word into text, and it makes data entry much simpler as the spoken word is significantly faster than typing speed. Of course, the machine learning applications go far beyond dictation now that smartphones and digital assistants have become so prevalent.

Machines can now easily understand a speech signal, a fact consumers take advantage of every day when they use voice search in a search engine or instruct Alexa to choose their next movie. Speech recognition can even allow users to directly speak to chatbots, since ML techniques can “translate” sound waves into bits, although there are still some challenges, such as speech speed, that can make the translation difficult. Still, this technology has already found its way into every day life for many.

7. Transportation

How often do you bring up google maps while driving? Some of the most useful features of this service are only possible thanks to machine learning. A good example of this is its ability to predict traffic or bus schedules. This is done by collecting location data for vehicles and then accounting for anticipated stop/slow times to give a real-time estimate of traffic and delays.

Machine learning is also used by other services like Uber. For example, Uber is able to anticipate rider demand and direct it’s driverless cars thanks to data gathered and analyzed from sensors and cameras placed on vehicles.

8. Medical services

Health care is one of the most noble uses for machine learning, and applications can range from quickly scanning test results for breast cancer to using artificial neural networks to mimic the thought processes of human brains and gain deeper insights into our own minds.

Machines can even be used to make a medical diagnosis in certain circumstances where patients outnumber doctors or where fatigue could lead to harmful errors. For example, the Infervison AI is being used in China to catch cases of lung cancer early. Without this machine, the lack of qualified radiologists would make saving many lives near impossible.

Of course, not all applications are life and death. Machine learning can be used to make simple aspects of doctor visits easier, such as therapy planning for your next session.

9. Retail and service

Machine learning examples in real life like many retail and customer service jobs are more efficient by making it easier than ever for customers to buy products and by improving the level of customer service that can be provided. Consider the product recommendations you’ll find on sites like Amazon and Google. These sights have studied the products that interest you, and they bring similar products to your attention.

Customer support has also improved dramatically in more recent years now that customers can interact with chatbots and choose their communication methods when contacting customer support. Managers in nearly any field can now do their jobs easier as well thanks to virtual personal assistants and customer analytics technology.

10. Social media

Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook can use programs that automatically search for objectionable content and delete it or to recommend certain posts to users. Machine learning is used at Pinterest to search through the millions of pins uploaded each day and to optimize their ads. Essentially any social media site could use deep learning for information extraction and further analysis of the millions of ideas that get posted each day.

For some more detailed examples of machine learning, refer to this video from edureka!

Weight Loss Boot camp Workout

Do you want to look and feel your best? Get ready to discover the CrossFit Pittsburgh Boot Camp! Our 5-week fat loss and fitness program is here to bring you an exciting and effective weight loss and body toning fitness and nutrition plan that will give you the results you deserve.

Sick and tired of struggling with….

  • Yo-yo dieting, following ‘fad’ crash diets that are impossible to stick to?
  • Having no energy, feeling unhealthy and sluggish all the time?
  • Feeling uncomfortable in the clothes you want to wear?
  • Intimidating and unfriendly gyms?
  • Feeling discouraged from a lack of results?
  • Having no motivation to start an exercise program?

We can help!

  • No More Diets! We will guide you through the basic steps of following our nutrition plan designed and implemented by our Clinical Dietician. It will increase your metabolism and keep you burning calories even after your workout.
  • At Fitness Boot Camp we fuse cardio, weights and stomach flattening exercises all into one fun, exciting, and challenging total body workout.
  • Friendly group training atmosphere of likeminded boot campers all working together towards the same goals.
  • All indoor workouts at our state-of-the art facility. No running around in the mud on cold mornings!
  • Small class size so your trainer can give each participant the attention, motivation and technique coaching they deserve.
  • We are serious about getting you results. All boot campers have unlimited online coaching support with our fitness and nutrition team, available to answer all of your questions during the program.
  • Once complete, we will ensure you have the tools for long-term maintenance. The program is specifically designed to kick-start sustainable and long-term fitness and weight loss.

PT Taster Pack

The Allentown Gyms personal training team has come together to offer every gyms in Allentown pa member an introductory package of two personal training sessions for the price of one (£35). The PT taster enables a member to trial a personal trainer Allentown PA and discovers the benefits of personal training at a discounted price before committing to personal training for the long-term.

The PT Taster Process: A PT Taster client will be asked before the first session to complete a questionnaire in order to enable Gyms in Cumming GA to pair them with a suitable trainer. The Personal Trainer Cumming GA will then book the client in for their two personal training sessions, which should be undertaken no more than two weeks apart. Thereafter, should the client wish to continue with their personal training they should make all arrangements with the trainer directly.

Purchasing a PT Taster: A PT Taster may be purchased with membership through our online “Join Now” system, or by an existing member at the Gyms in Yorba Linda’s reception. Please note that each member may only purchase one PT Taster in a given year.

Non-members welcome
Non-members may also purchase a PT Taster pack (for £45). Personal training is open to members and non-members alike; however, the price per session is £5 greater for non members.

Gym Supplements to Avoid

During the course of a body building training or weight loss workout routine, you will come across a variety of gyms in Allentown PA supplements. Supplements are supposed to enhance your performance and give you more stamina. Supplements can also improve the muscle building capacity of your body so you can achieve a better physique in less time.

Regardless of what a supplement can do for you, there are some that you should be avoiding completely. Not all gym supplements are alike so you have to choose a more reliable option after doing some research about whether those supplements are actually safe to use and also if they are suitable for you personally. Some companies also promote supplements that do not really work and they are just placebos.

What are the Gym Supplements that you should Avoid?

In order to keep away from scams and harmful side effects, here is a list of Allengym supplements that you need to avoid at all costs.


The number one supplement type that you should steer clear of, are steroids. Even though steroids are illegal for Allentown gyms supplements, many companies are still using formulations based on steroids. The problem is that steroids do work – the results are very quick – but there is a reason why they are illegal: they are also very dangerous. Methyl-1 testosterone and S-Drol (desoxymethyltestosterone) are also common types of steroids that you may find in some supplements. You should avoid these completely.

Vanadyl Sulfate

Gyms in Cumming GA supplement to avoid, Vanadyl Sulfate comes in the category of insulin potentiators because it mimics insulin, preventing the body from turning the glucose into fat. Smaller doses of this compound do nothing for weight loss. Although it works at higher doses, higher doses of Vanadyl Sulfate also cause toxicity.


Methoxy is the least studied CrossFit gyms in Pittsburgh supplement of all and comes in two forms: isoflavone and Ipriflavone. There isn’t much information available on the substance and it is pretty much possible that it is just a placebo product that could possibly be dangerous.


Banned by the government and not allowed as a gym supplement anymore, epinephrine still finds its way in various forms in supplements. You may have heard the name epinephrine for the first time but you already know its identity through another word: Adrenaline. The problem with epinephrine though is that it negates the effects of insulin which results in muscle breakdown. And that’s not all, epinephrine is also really dangerous.

A gym kettle bell is best used with chalked up hands to prevent slipping as you work hard and sweat hard.

Usnic acid

Usnic acid is commonly seen as a component of fat burning supplements and concoctions and even as a part of topical creams. Although regarded as a fat burning agent and not yet illegal, Usnic acid has been proven to cause severe liver damage and it is going to be banned in the near future.


This substance was used as a gym supplement in the past and was said to help weight loss and burn more calories than usual. Several cases of extreme liver damage were related to the use of this supplement and there was even one fatality. That is when FDA put a word out that this product was fatal and dangerous.

An Introduction to Gym Supplements

Back in the day, men who wanted to build muscle and bulk up their bodies were constantly seen devouring raw eggs – almost a cliché when it comes to body building, raw eggs were a kind of body building supplement of that time. Now science suggests the eggs were actually a rich source of protein which is the building block of muscular growth. Since eggs were found to be dangerous if taken in high quantities (being laden with cholesterol), various other methods of concocting Gyms in Yorba Linda supplements and body building supplements evolved.

What are Gym Supplements?

Numerous myths constantly revolve around body building foods and supplements without any discernible scientific evidence to support them so there might be some uncertainty as to what they can actually do. Essentially, gym supplements are a group of medications that will help you in a variety of ways to perform better at the gym. Some supplements may help you workout at a better pace while others will help you build muscle so your body building workouts don’t go to waste.

There are many different varieties of supplements available that can be regarded as performance enhancers, fat burners and muscle builders. Many of the muscle builders are actually based on some form of protein. Popular gym supplements include

  • Protein Powder
  • Protein from food sources like eggs, hemp, rice and pea
  • Multivitamins
  • Isolated whey
  • Flax seed
  • Creatine
  • Beta-alanine
  • Glutamine
  • BCAAS or Branched Chain Amino Acids
  • Taurine Tyrosine
  • Green tea
  • Pomegranate
  • Meal Replacement Products
  • Prohormones
  • Testosterone boosters
  • Thermogenic products
  • Essential fatty acids

All these food or chemical sources can help in different ways to achieve a better workout and get a better physique faster.

Why Do You Need Supplements?

Gym supplements are popular because they can help people make the most of their workout sessions. Whether it is for weight training or regular gym workouts, supplements can induce more calorie-burning and build more muscle. No one is naturally able to workout for hours and some people just don’t have the tendency to build muscle so no matter how much they eat muscle-building foods, they don’t see any results unless they take a supplement.

What are Fat Burner Supplements?

Among the major divisions of gym supplements, fat burners are those that aid the calorie burning process inside the body so a person can see instant results. Motivation is a very important aspect of the entire weight loss process and the minute you feel that your workouts and hard work isn’t paying off you will get off the weight loss bandwagon and quit. This is why people take fat burner supplements – they help you see instant results which inspire you to lose even more weight.

What are Performance Enhancing Supplements?

Performance enhancer supplement will elevate your body temperature and give you a boost so you can workout to burn more calories and they will also help you workout for a longer time period so you can achieve more weight loss.

What are Body Building Supplements?

Another important form of gym supplements, body building supplements are more inclined towards weight lifters who want to build muscle and gain muscle mass and want to indulge in body building weight training.

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Top Fitness Tips and Strategies from the Experts

Inbody & Metabolic Rate

Hopefully by now you have met with one of the trainers at Genesis (and if you haven’t, schedule it now!!) and have used the InBody. In the short time we spend in the back we discuss your goals and how to approach them based on your current InBody results. 

As you have heard many times, especially as we go over your InBody results, we always want to make sure you are eating enough and how under eating can prevent you from achieving your goals. One of my favourite numbers that the InBody provides is your BMR, or you’re Basal Metabolic Rate.

You BMR gives us a baseline number of how much energy your body uses to run for 24 hours at rest (imagine lying in bed, perfectly still for 24hrs.) This number covers all vital functions such as gas exchange and pumping blood throughout the body.

Using your BMR we can establish a calorie range to help you reach your goals whether it is fat loss or muscle gain. Below I have attached a website that explains what I have summed up. It also shows you the math behind it and allows you to plug in your personal information. If you are curious about your results, schedule a time with one of the Personal Trainer Cumming GA and we can discuss what they mean to you!

The Rule

We move faster than ever before from day to day. We demand a lot of ourselves in many facets of our lives. We cannot maintain a high intensity in these all of the time. We need to strategically think about when we are going to maintain, surge, and step back. I have noticed this with my clients over the last 13 years. They either want to go super hard or they want to just take a break. They find no middle ground, which is where we should be living the majority of the time. So, I developed what I call the 9/2/1 rule. This can be used in all areas of life, but I will relate it to nutrition and exercise here.

9 – Baseline

This is where you will be living for the majority of the year. For 9-months, you will strive to move a little bit each day, get a few hard workouts in, and eat well 80-90% of the time. You make good progress and don’t go backwards. You continue to see changes in your energy, mind, body, and physical fitness. Not huge leaps and bounds, but just enough. You can fit this routine into your daily habits without too much difficulty. This is where you really succeed.

2- Surge

There are times in your life where you will need to “surge”. I heard this term from a friend of mine and it made total sense. For this 2-month period, you will prioritize your fitness and nutrition. It will be one of, if not the main focus in your life. You will have to sacrifice some other things in your life to get there. Parties, time with friends, some work related things, household projects, and many other things might have to take a backseat for a while.

This is the time to go at it hard and never look back. For some, 2-months may be too long to keep up a high intensity. If you need to, you can reduce it to 4-6 weeks. It just depends on the person. Regardless, you only have a certain amount of time that you can go hard before you burn out, crash, and maybe even go backwards. Proceed with caution.

1- Step Back

If you put in the work up front, you will earn a well-deserved vacation. You don’t have to use this month all at once. You could use it in chunks. Most people will find it beneficial to use it on a real week long vacation, holiday parties, and during times that you are working hard on other areas of your life. Preparing for a big project at work, getting ready for your son or daughter’s graduation party, or caring for a loved one, just to name a few. Now, this does not mean that you need to go totally off the wagon. This is just a time to step back and enjoy life. Take a break from the hard work and push the reset button. After you take the needed time off, it’s time to go back to your baseline.

When You Fail To Plan

Even though this saying sounds cliche, it is a simple fact. If you pack your gym bag the night before, you are more likely to get in even a quick workout. When you pack your lunch the night before you won’t resort to a vending machine or fast food restaurant for your lunch choices.

Besides helping with your dedication, being prepared helps you to feel in charge of your life. There is always room for spontaneity, but when you have a plan at least you know you can get right back on track and stay in charge. You don’t pack up a suitcase and go on vacation without knowing where you are going so why leave everything to chance when trying to achieve your fitness and nutritional goals?

Spend a few hours one day per week planning what you’re going to take for lunch and snacks. Pre portion your snacks and have them ready to go. Put your workouts on your calendar as appointments. And most importantly, don’t give up if you forget your lunch one day or skip a workout! Make the best choices you can and get right back on track.

Swimsuit Season

I know you are busting your gut in the Gyms Cumming GA and watching what you are eating but why does your tummy always look full? For women, we immediately blame “bloating” but this is not just a problem for us. Men and women can both suffer from uncomfortable and visible bloating, so here are some easy ways to combat it before your next trip to the lake!

First, what is bloating?

According to abdominal bloating is anytime your GI tract is filled with air or gas. The gas builds up when food begins to break down and when we swallow air. For some, bloating is more than just a swollen abdomen. Other symptoms include frequent burping or belching, painful or hard abdomen and rumbling and gurgling noises.

So how do we fight it?

Avoid swallowing excess air. This means limit the amount of gum you chew, drinking from straws and carbonated beverages. Also, choose less “gassy” and high sodium foods. So the night before you put on your swim suit avoid cabbage, beans and lentils and excess salt.

And of course, drink water! Consuming more water will help flush your system of excess sodium and keep you hydrated. Feel free to add some lemon to your water to help you keep drinking. Lemon is a natural diuretic so drink up.

If you tend to constantly feel bloated you may also want to try out a probiotic.

Now you have the tools to stay swim suit ready!

Fitness Setbacks Tips and Tricks

They happen to everyone at one time or another. Everyone has great intentions when they get into a new fitness regimen. You’ve got a goal – maybe it’s to lose weight, shape up or just improve your health – and you’ve got the motivation. The problem is that life doesn’t always make it easy to achieve what you set out to and any number of setbacks could get in your way at any time. How can you overcome your fitness setbacks?


Forgive yourself for getting off track. Everyone struggles! You did it before, you can do it again.


Rekindle that energy that got you started. Visualize your goals and get excited again.


Have patience with yourself. Time off doesn’t mean you’re starting from scratch but it does mean you will have to ease back into your routine.


Focus on consistency rather than performance when you’re getting back to it. You’re recreating a habit so showing up is half the battle.

No matter if you’ve suffered an injury or health problem, you’ve just come back from a long vacation, or you’ve been travelling for work, your future remains what you make of it. Never give up on your fitness goals regardless of what fitness setbacks you experience.

Tips to Control Your Eating

It seems that one of the most stressful parts of the holidays is eating. Everyone always talks about how there are so many parties, and so much food they have to eat. And everyone uses the words “have no eat!!” There is a big difference in having to eat, and having to overeat!!!

Here are a couple of tips to keep holiday eating under control:

When you are going to a party, or dinner where you know there will be lots of food, do not be hungry!! Eat a snack before you go. Even a quick protein bar of some type will work. Choose something small so that you don’t arrive starving and eat too much.

Don’t be afraid to eat your holiday foods. When you get to dinner, put a small amount of all the foods you like on your plate and eat them. Just keep the portion sizes small, and don’t go back for seconds. You can rest assured that a couple of small holiday meals are not going to set you back at all, and you will get to enjoy some of your favourite holiday foods.

Don’t drink your calories! Holiday parties are notorious for serving sugar-filled cocktails and punches. Choose drinks without heavy mixers when possible and alternate with water in between.

It’s ok to say NO. Don’t feel guilty for turning down extra treats at parties, or taking home dishes. If it’s not around you can’t be tempted, right?

Don’t let one “bad” day turn into multiple bad days. If you have a huge meal, or overeat, get back on track quickly. Don’t let it spiral out of control.

Benefits of Keeping Things Simple

I like to keep things simple when talking to clients about their health. It can be very overwhelming to understand all of the components of healthy living when you’re making a lifestyle change. There’s so much information to take in. However, you must get these 5 things right in order to be successful on your fitness journey.

You need to build muscle to change your body and your mind. Physical strength builds mental strength. As you feel yourself getting physically stronger you will feel more confident in other areas of your life. Strength is power.

If you eat crap, you will feel like crap. Your body is a machine. Fuel it with real, whole foods as much as possible. Hint: that won’t come in a box.

The only effective exercise plan is one that you can stick to. Find something you like to do and keep doing it. Your body will adapt so continue to increase length and/or intensity to avoid plateaus. Don’t commit yourself to something you hate and a schedule you can’t maintain.

Your body hears what your mind says. If you wouldn’t say it to your kids, or your mom, don’t say it to yourself. Would you tell your kids they can’t do something they are trying hard to achieve? No, so don’t tell yourself that.

Unless you’re a professional boxer you don’t need to get to a specific weight. Focus on your body’s composition rather than the number on the scale. Also, if you constantly repeat numbers 1-4 the weight will take care of itself.

Weight Loss in Cardio

As a woman and a personal trainer, one of my biggest pet peeves is hearing people say they only need to do cardio to lose weight. That is one of the biggest fitness myths out there today. It has been proven repeatedly that adding weight training to your regular exercise program will dramatically increase your fat loss.

Cardio conditioning is great! Biking, running, swimming, etc. All have great health benefits but if you want to burn more calories after your workout, while you are relaxing at home, add 30 minutes of intense strength training 3 days a week to your normal routine. Additional benefits of regular weight training include injury prevention, increased bone density, increased metabolism, and it promotes better form for regular cardio exercise like spin classes, or running.

Smart Home Upgrades for Your Remodel

Just the mention of summer conjures up images of trips to the beach, flip-flops, bare feet, and BBQs. While it’s also the perfect time to accomplish those home improvement upgrades you’ve been considering, why not get those upgrades done before the summer hits?

Think about it, if you make those much-needed upgrades before summer time, then you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor, instead of sweating away in the heat to get them done while everyone else is heading off to the beach for the day. If you’re considering making some home upgrades before the summer starts to heat up, read on below for a few of the smartest ones to get done right away.

Have A Swimming Pool Installed


This is one home upgrade that you don’t want to wait until the beginning of summer to take care of. Why would you have a swimming pool installed then when you can have it already installed and ready to go before the first warm day. When you have a pool installed, take the time to go ahead and have swimming pool fences put around it as well. Swimming pool fencing not only looks amazing and keeps people from trespassing into your pool area, but it’s also a great way to keep your own kids and the other kids in the neighborhood safe, especially when the pools not in use and you aren’t there to keep an eye on them.

Build A Firepit

Building a firepit is another home upgrade that is best done before the summer season arrives. Nothing tops off an afternoon around the pool like a night by the firepit with friends. Not only can the firepit be used in the summer months, it’s perfect for those chilly fall nights when you want to be outside but warm as well. Not only can you build your firepit DIY style, but it’s also the perfect solution for get-togethers where you want to be outside to cook as well.

Go Solar

Many people talk about having solar panels in Arizona installed in their home or business all the time. Very few people get it done before summer, however. Why not give the professionals in your area a call and have solar panels installed before the summer heats up and your electric bills soar right along with it.

Clean The Exterior Of Your Home

Even with all of the improvements and installations in the backyard, you’re not going to be happy with your home until toms networking the house itself looks the way you think it should. The spring of the year is the perfect time to take care of that problem. Hire a company or rent a pressure washer and do it yourself, but go ahead and clean the exterior of your home before the summer begins.

Spring is also the perfect time to touch up the paint on the outside of your home as well. After all, who wants to be stuck painting the house one fine summer day, while everyone else is in the backyard gathered around the firepit or taking a dip in the pool? Take care of these little home improvements in the spring, and you’ll be able to enjoy it when the summer begins.

These are just a few of the top home upgrades you might want to make before the summer begins. Remember, the more improvements you take care of in the spring of the year, the less you’ll have to do when summer begins and you would rather be doing things with your family and friends. For More Details :

coding franchises for kids

Why Every Child Should Learn To Code?

To prepare humanity for the next 100 years, we need more of our children to learn computer programming skills, regardless of their future profession. Along with reading and writing, the ability and to program is going to define what an educated person is. – Sal Khan, Founder, Khan Academy

 As computers continue to be essential in nearly all aspects of our world, the demand for those who understand how they work will increase. This directly affects how you should be preparing your children for their lives and future careers.

 The American Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasted that 400,000 students will graduate with a computer science degree in 2015 and by that time, the demand for jobs in relevant fields will be 1.4 million. The report showed that 84% of the parents in the study acknowledged that computer science subjects are required in primary and secondary education. Nowhere is this truer than in Austin, where the high-tech sector is a significant contributor to our local economy, total job growth, and especially average salary growth.

In the next decade, computer science will become synonymous with learning a second language in school, except that programming touches every industry globally. Unlike Spanish and French, which is spoken regionally, computer science is a universal language. As we become a more technologies society there will be an insatiable demand for people who know how to write software. Computer science classes in high school will enable your child to do the unthinkable, change the world, and provide tremendous value to others; therefore we’re giving coding franchises for kids for their better future in coding. Who knows, your child might have his/her own revenue generating company before he or she is 18! They could even become the next Mark Zuckerberg!

 Computer science classes in high school Coding is the language of the future and perfect for kids that like:

  • Programming and problem solving
  • Collaboration and innovation
  • To understand the systems and technology the world relies on
  • To formulate, analyze, and solve problems
  • Website Development & Analyse
  • The languages computers use to communicate and solve problems
Different Types Of Training Programs and Workouts | No limit

Different Types Of Training Programs and Workouts

At No Limit Personal Training, you may hear our coaches talk about designing “training programs” rather than just “workouts.” But what’s the difference? It’s simple really. Abu Dhabi personal trainer is designed based on your individual goal. During our initial consultation, that is one of the very first things we ask you, in addition to your training and injury history. 

No Limit Personal Training is looking for someone who wants to make a big positive impact on the community and be a part of our amazing team. No Limit Personal Training Gyms in Yorba Linda is looking for coaches who want to make a big positive impact on the community and help better people’s lives through proper training programs, nutrition, and mindset.

There are all kinds of products and supplements claiming they will “boost your metabolism” but those are rarely efficacious, and the ones that do work are often not legal and have significant long-term health concerns.

One component of resting metabolic rate is how much muscle mass you have. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn at rest and while moving, so while the difference isn’t huge, adding more muscle to your frame is one way to increase your metabolism, aside from all the countless other health benefits it offers.

The other ways are simply moving more each day (like trying to hit a specific step count, for example) and/or doing more exercise. Unfortunately, there isn’t any “shortcut” when it comes to increasing your metabolism, and short of genetic predispositions, you will have to simply do more stuff each day to earn eating more food without gaining weight.

Once we nail down your goal (let’s call that Point B), we then take you through our assessment process to establish a baseline (we’ll call that your Point A). Us coaches then sit down, take the information gathered from your consultation, assessment, and trial workout, and come up with an individualized training Program based on your unique goals, history, and personal preferences.

As an NLPT coach, you’ll be responsible for delivering safe and effective workouts for members of all fitness levels. Our team of coaches focuses on creating an environment of exceeding client expectations by offering guidance in Personal Training Cumming GA, nutrition and providing an optimal environment. Our mission at NLPT is to leave every client better off than they were before they came in.

Trust the Process

I kept my workout regimen simple too, I was active every day. I worked out at No Limit every day except Fridays, but even then, I made sure I just stayed active.

One of the most important things I learned from this experience is that this is NOT a sustainable process and shouldn’t be treated as such, and once I have achieved my desired weight/physique, I can keep the weight off for good simply by eating for my new body weight, which IS sustainable. I honestly didn’t have that knowledge or know how before this!!

What Things To Look While Creating Campground Software

Tucked away in dense Tennessee greenery, and bordering the 444 mile Natchez Trace Parkway, lies Fall Hollow Campground and B&B. After searching all over the country for the right campground to call their own, current owners Noel and Sheri Latus found Fall Hollow back in October of 2015. What was then a charming little park with only a handful of RV hookups and a bed and breakfast has since doubled the number of RV lots, an achievement they attribute to property improvements and their use of RoverPass.

“When we bought [the campground], it had just 19 sites that were just water and electric. We [then] put in a sewer system and that started to increase the value,” Noel Said. “Then we started using [RoverPass], and that increased our booking rate and we were able to make an expansion. After the first year, we added eight sites or hook up sites.”

With Noel and Sheri renovating the park and RoverPass after making marketing strategies to bringing more and more people to their park, Fall Hollow had grown so much, the two retirees had to then slow down the growth.

“We started this as an attempt at retirement.” Noel Said. “We’re not very good at that, so now Sheri is taking the checkbook away from me and saying I can’t fix anything else. No more building!”

Given Noel and Sheri’s success, we wanted to find out what it is they looked for in a rv & campground software, and how RoverPass stacks up to their expectations. From what they told us, a good campground management system can be narrowed down to three key points. Intuitive usability, measurable results, and more time out of the office.

Intuitive Usability

Using an online campground management software should be easy and supplemental to running a campground. With a campground management system like RoverPass taking care of the books, Noel can focus on tending to the park’s guest and maintenance. All he has to do is push that confirmation button.

“[RoverPass will] book the bed and breakfast room, the campsites and the cabin and it’s always just hassle-free,” Noel said. “If I have the spaces available, I just accept the reservation given their site number and boom, they show up and they can pull right in.”

In addition to the ease of accepting a reservation, communicating with their customers is another feature that Noel and Sheri both find intuitive and useful, making the entire booking process a breeze.

“It’s hassle free from check-in to checkout, and if something does come up where a room or a site is not available, we have the ability to message the customer through the RoverPass page to see if another room or another date would work for them,” Noel said. With this campground you can make your own night party ideas anywhere and anytime on your trips.

Measurable Results

For any product, you want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth. Perhaps the best way to find out if they do is by looking for results you can actually count and see. Noel and Sheri attribute much of Fall Hollow’s growth to their combined efforts in renovations, and the implementation of RoverPass.

“The park has doubled in size for RV spots, When we purchased the park, in the first four months we didn’t see a single guest in the RV park, now we have 18 to 25 people constantly here,” Noel said. “RoverPass helped us with probably a 30% increase [in overall growth].”

Being able to make a reservation online doesn’t just add convenience for the customer, it also adds to the visibility of the campground as a while. Noel and Sheri – Owner of the campground, agree that having their website updated and being able to receive reservations greatly increased their business.

“Having a website, having it social network properly, and having the sewer system (along with the other improvements) is what started getting everybody in,” Noel said.

More Free Time

Now, of course, more business is good, but not if it becomes too much to handle. A campground booking system should allow an owner to take on more business, while simultaneously freeing up time for leisure. The Latus’s said RoverPass makes it so that they can be sure the park is running smoothly without having to be at the office, making more time for each other and the things that really matter.

“It allows us not to be at the park as often. We can accept reservations from the restaurant down the road, or we could be back visiting family 700 miles away. We can still accept reservations and be sure that people are being checked in.”

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