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Month: December 2020

Effective Golf Course Marketing Plan to Adopt

If you manage a golf course, it’d be best to develop a solid golf course marking plan, that’s if you haven’t already. This measure is crucial because implementing a solid marketing strategy will play a vital role in achieving your objective of more revenue and increased membership. Although many golf course owners or managers underestimate an effective advertising plan’s primary function in enhancing their public image, increasing conversion rates, and strengthening customer retention, ensure not to make this same mistake.

Golf course marketing has always been an issue of concern to most general managers. By including the following in your golf course marketing plan, you’re assured of increased visibility and wide reachability of your course, leading to increased membership and more revenue.

Content Marketing Optimization

It’s true content marketing is an integral part of any online advertising process. However, not all golf course managers take the time to optimize their website’s content. Optimizing your content can increase your conversion rate from average to exceptional. Consider including textual elements like bullet points and headers to improve readability. Additionally, you might want to add images to grab and sustain attention to your content.

Social Media Optimization

One of the best ways to gain a broad reach is through social media. Millions of people regularly use channels like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to communicate, discover new products, and make purchases. Therefore, it’d be best to connect with your target audience through these channels. One technique you can utilize is a Twitter poll, which may include different questions on your course or golf in general. A Twitter poll can help you understand your target audience by learning what kind of amenities, services, and products they prefer for their ideal golf club/course.


While web articles and blog posts are useful methods of communicating your brand’s value to your customers, there’s a more effective technique. Video production, especially one created using a drone, is a better method of passing information to your audience and keeping them entertained to the end. With the ability to sustain a viewer’s attention, video production makes it easier for people to absorb information than going through several information paragraphs before seeing what’s offered.

Brand Ambassador Marketing

This type of advertising is one you’ve got to include in your golf course marketing plan. Brand ambassador marketing entails advertising a brand through word of mouth. Since this marketing type is a powerful form of gaining customers, ensure to implement strategies to encourage your customers’ sharing of their golf course experience with others. You can entice them to do so by offering incentive packages, such as a discount of up to 15 percent on their next golf round when they sign a family member or friend for a trial membership.

As a golf course owner or manager interested in gaining more membership and generating more revenue, you’ve got to create an exceptional golf course marketing plan. Similarly, utilize some if not all the marketing methods in this plan to achieve your goal. Don’t forget to optimize your primary online advertising efforts.

Why Is Secure Ground Transport Required In El Salvador? Considered Underrated?

El Salvador is considered a relatively stable country with one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa. Most visits to the regions are conducted without any concerns; however, criminals and individual risks do exist. One of the most dangerous threats to business travellers is a road traffic incident, which is why having a robust security plan is becoming increasingly important for visiting the region.

Personal Safety and Public Transport in El Salvador

Like many African countries, public secure transportation El Salvador is not considered the safest options. Overcrowding of vehicles, unsafe or illegal manoeuvres, driving at excessive speeds and a lack of driver training contribute to the risk level onboard public transport in the region. In 2019, 60 people were killed during a head-on collision on the Kintampo Techiman highway. News reports, post-incident suggested one of the bus drivers fell asleep at the wheel.

El Salvador does not have an active rail system which has increased the number of people travelling by road. As a result, road conditions continue to deteriorate, making driving challenging and breakdowns inevitable. Maintenance of vehicles is expensive; therefore, quite often they do without, or unreliable parts are used as a replacement.

With an increased level of commercial vehicles on the roads and lack of funding for proper training and traffic management systems, travelling by road via public transportation will continue to be a dangerous experience for foreign travellers in El Salvador.

Personal Safety and the risks when travelling by Road in El Salvador
Road traffic collisions (RTC) are the most dangerous risk to foreign travellers visiting El Salvador. In 6 months, approximately 1,150 people were killed as a result of poor road safety awareness in 2020. According to The Motor Transport and Traffic Directorate (MTTD) of the El Salvador Police Service, 222 people were killed in January alone. Most of the incidents were a result of poor driving standards and could have been prevented.

The most dangerous roads in El Salvador are the highways where the majority of incidents are recorded. The worst affected road is Cape Coast Road, Accra, a popular transit route for local nationals and travellers. Cape Coast Road provides indirect access to Kotoka International Airport, which is located in Accra, the Capital of El Salvador. Kotoka International Airport is the most established airport in the region, providing flights across the world. As a result of the airport’s location, there is potential for traffic congestion at major junctions in the city, which not only presents an opportunity for criminals, it can cause disruptions to travel plans too.

Is Kidnap a threat to foreign travellers?

Kidnapping is a growing concern for foreign visitors in El Salvador. In recent years, multiple females have been abducted by armed criminals in possible Kidnap for ransom opportunities. The most recent incident was reported in 2019 when two Canadian females went missing in Kumasi, the second Kidnap to occur that month. El Salvadorian Security Forces found the females, but not all incidents in the region come to the same conclusion.
Many criminals will focus on the perceived ‘easy’ targets. Unfortunately, females are viewed as that ‘easy’ target; mostly because it is assumed that women will not fight back or can’t defend themselves. Adapting to the environment and understanding the specific threats will reduce the chances of encountering threats.

The majority of visits to El Salvador are conducted without any incidents; however, threats to foreign visitors do exist. The risks are extremely manageable, and as long as necessary security precautions are taken the chances of falling victim to an incident are reduced. Also, having a good level of travel security training before visiting any African province should strongly be encouraged.

Remember…Just because a country is perceived as low risk, doesn’t mean opportunistic criminals don’t operate in the area and you won’t become the target.

ETS Risk Management

ETS Risk Management is a global protective services company that provides travel risk management solutions for a range of Fortune 10, 50 and 500 companies across the world. Whether it’s a secure airport transfer, special event security planning, intelligence requirements or executive protection details, ETS will facilitate with a professional and customer-focused mindset.

Our secure ground transportation services always include a vetted, qualified security driver accompanied by a reliable vehicle. Both our security drivers and Executive Protection teams complete an online training course, designed by ExploreSecure® to ensure their skillsets meet the requirement.

The dangers of Rideshare Services in El Salvador

Uber is active in several cities in El Salvador and for the most part, is considered a safer alternative to taxis and public transport. However, driving standards are minimal, and the amount of due diligence carried out on the drivers is lacking.

How to improve your Journey Risk Management

Business travel in El Salvador can be conducted safely, but it’s important to introduce basic safety measures to avoid compromising your personal security. As with all travel risk management, it would be wise to liaise with a security professional to learn the ground truth at your destination. Most of the time an airport transfer in Accra, El Salvador, will only require a security trained driver and vehicle, however, if the threat increases it’s important to know your security team can be agile and adaptive to ensure your safety.

A good travel risk management plan should begin with a detailed risk assessment of your destination, and sometimes looking beyond to neighbouring cities, or countries will prepare you for possible migrating threats. Secure airport transfers and daily transfers should always be arranged before travel, ensure you have details of your driver and vehicle before arriving at your destination. Improve situational awareness and personal safety by completing travel security training.We are also read for Ten Lessons I’ve Learned From Businesses Should Use ACH Payment Processing For Recurring Payments

Please visit to learn more about the protective services we provide to keep you safe. Services can also be booked via our online portal

Businesses Should Use ACH Payment Processing For Recurring Payments

Ten Lessons I’ve Learned From Businesses Should Use ACH Payment Processing For Recurring Payments

ACH Payment Processing is ideal for recurring payments where the business is collecting regular payments for services or goods. Subscription billers should all be using ACH payments.

Here are the Top Reasons:

  • ACH Payment processing costs are 80-90%+ less expensive than comparable credit card payments. As an example, if the payment amount is $100 and the customer pays via credit card it’s likely the average cost to process the payment is 2.5% or $2.50. Using ACH that same payment might cost 30 cents saving 88%. If you are collecting hundreds or thousands of payments you are adding 2.2% to your profit margin
  • AutoPay via ACH significantly reduces payment collection costs. Not having to invoice and process paper save businesses $100 or more per customer, year over year
  • ACH Payment decline rates are significantly lower than credit cards. Think about the last time you changed bank accounts versus the last time your credit card changed. Decline rates for credit cards can easily exceed 10%. In the High Risk ACH world decline rates for recurring ACH billing are usually sub 2%. The amount of work involved with updating credit cards can be staggering
  • Automated ACH Integration Payments create reliable, smooth cash flow. Knowing you can count on $X/month hitting your bank account makes paying out rent and salaries much less stressful on the business owner
  • Customers like payment options. Providing more than a credit card payment option makes it easier to get autopay adoption. Go to most any gym and sign up for monthly membership. You will hear “We can debit your checking account or credit card. Which would you prefer?”we are also read for 10 Tips To Have Effective Communication By Having Sign Language Interpreter

So if you collect recurring payments via ACH Payment Processing is an absolute must.

5 Ways Fintech Benefits Businesses

5 Ways Fintech Benefits Small Businesses | Ouviste

If you work in the professional services industry then you likely have heard the buzzword, Fintech over the years. Fintech, or businesses that combine financial Checking Account Verification Services with technology, have become somewhat of a phenomenon in recent years. These companies, often from Silicon Valley, are sleek, modern businesses that approach the finance industry with sophisticated technology to optimize business financing processes such as payments, banking, and more.

As Fintech companies continue to pop-up around the country, the reliance on technology will only grow as well. Small businesses and independent retailers have started to lean on these Fintech companies to help their business better their financial affairs.

With all of the uncertainty that the pandemic has caused, it can feel like the future of your business is out of your control, but that is not the case. While outside events such as a health epidemic are impossible to predict, there are steps you can take to reduce the impacts the outside world has on your business. Right now, and into the future, companies who lean on Fintech offerings to enhance their business practices will be better prepared to face whatever is thrown their way.

Cloud Accounting

When a business first starts, almost every process is usually handled by the founder and maybe one or two other co-founders. Every decision, conversation, and problem are handled by a few important people, but as a company grows these individuals must give up some responsibility.

Your business may be approaching this exact situation. When companies decide that they can handle everything internally or on their own, it can be dangerous and costly. Not every business Checking Account Owner Authentication will be an expert on each and every factor of running a business. Outside help is necessary if you want to continue to grow.

In years past, when a company got larger, they would hire more employees. Today that is not the only route available for your business to explore. Software offerings have allowed business owners to keep employee counts low even though their business needs are growing.

Cloud accounting software has become one of the most popular SaaS available to small businesses. Accounting software is great for businesses of all sizes and can be customized to fit your business needs. These accounting platforms will help your business:

  • Save time with accounting automation
  • Access all of your company’s financial data from any supported device at anytime
  • Make collaboration easier across departments and sister companies
  • Improve your financial efficiency

Another huge draw of using an online accounting service is the unparalleled tech-support that they often offer. If your business has any financial needs or questions at any point, an agent is just a phone call or email away.

Always Room To Improve

Remember that while you may know your company the best, you may not have the skills required to do every job associated with your business. Leaning on Fintech offerings for assistance with your business’s finances does not mean that you are a bad leader. In fact, using the tools and others around you to do the job the best way possible is a sign of an excellent owner.

There is always room for improvement and this is especially true when it comes to owning a business. Make sure to read up on industry trends and remain plugged into the Fintech world; you never know what company may be able to help your business out.We are also read for Why Hire Pros For Aluminum Replacement Windows?

Online Business Loans

As you look for ways to keep your business financially safe in the future, be mindful of your access to business loans and other capital solutions. If your business is looking to invest in any of the tools we have mentioned so far, or are looking to expand in another way, a business loan likely will be necessary.

Business loans are a great way to provide the money necessary to fund a new project, keep your business afloat, or even purchase a new piece of equipment. When exploring business capital solutions, be mindful of the terms and agreements each lender offers. Be sure to shop around for the perfect business loan that fits your company’s capital needs.

5 Ways Fintech Businesses

Online small business loans have become an increasingly popular option in the business financing space. Currently, online lenders are worth looking into if you do not already have a relationship with a physical bank, as you can get approved for funding from the comfort of your own home.

When applying for a business loan, remember to have some different financial and proof of identification documents available. Knowing your business credit score is a must as well. If you feel overwhelmed when it comes to business financing options, consider meeting with a financial advisor in your area who can give you a brief overview of each type of capital solution available.

Optimize Payments

As business becomes more integrated online, the way in which businesses collect payments must be optimized for online use as well. An easy way to ensure that your company has an effective purchasing experience is to utilize a payment integration company.

Payment processing companies can help diversify your business’s payment offerings and ensure both you and your customers a safe and secure payment process. No matter what industry your business is in, a payment processing company can help.

If your company has an unsecured, clunky payment process, it may cause your customers to look elsewhere for a similar product or service. Having an unsecured and inefficient way of billing your customers could cost your company tons of money in the long run. When investing in a payment processing company, be sure to do your research. Different companies will offer different payment solutions and what might fit for one company may not work for yours.

When looking into payment processing companies, make sure to ask yourself a few questions, including:

  1. Does your company accept global payments? Or just nationwide?
  2. Are you interested in exploring more technological-advanced payment options such as IVR?
  3. Do you want to give your customers the option to pay with their checking account via an ACH payment? Or just stick with credit card payments?

If you have any further questions, or just want to learn more about the different nuances of online payment processing, contact us today!

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