Melbourne is an excellent place for establishing your career in various sectors. In the luxurious city of Melbourne, driving schools are available everywhere, and people have a rush to get admission to these schools.

To set up a driving school, there need skilled and trained instructors. After hearing the term ‘instructor,’ a question will occur in your mind about how to become a driving instructor in Melbourne. This article will help you to achieve your desired career soon. 

What are the processes of becoming a Driving Instructor?

A driving instructor is a teacher or an educator who teaches people who join the driving school. And instead of this, they get a payment or reward.

Thus, pursue your career as a driving instructor; there are two necessary steps. One is a license, and the other is finding a workplace or building your school. The process of how to become a driving instructor in Melbourne is going to be provided in detail in this article:

Here we glance at everything you would like to understand about becoming an approved driving instructor (ADI).

What are the processes of becoming a Driving Instructor?

Applying for Instructor

Your age should be above 21 years, and then you become eligible for applying for a license. It takes six months to complete the whole process. You have to take out the Driving Instructor Application Form, in which you need to fill up all the colors. 

Checking of documents

Next step shall be submitting all the documents with the application form. The documents needed include your residential proof, identity proof, complete medical fitness statement, proof of passing criminal offenses, two signatures, and colored passport size photos.


First, a test on road rules will be taken. And you have to pass this exam with a good mark. Next, you have to pass the driving test with a minimum of 95% accuracy. For both manual and automatic cars, the driving test is vital. 

Eligibility Letter

After passing the tests with good marks, you will be allowed for the next level. And for this, you will be sent a letter of eligibility. This letter is essential to show for a training course.

Training Course

Do You Want To Pursue Your Career in Being a Driving Instructor?

Now the most severe step is training. If you wish to be a good driving instructor, you must attend the training period with great attention. To be an instructor of cars or heavy automobiles, you need to achieve the Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics.

Final Examination

After completing the whole training course, the time of final assessment finally comes. Here you need to pass the theory exams as well as practical too. You will be checked on how many road rules and driving techniques you have acquired. And you will be judged how safely you can drive a vehicle. 


If you can overcome all these steps well, you can get the final certificate for moving forward to the career of a driving instructor. These steps are essential, necessary steps of how to become the best driving instructor in Melbourne.