If you manage a golf course, it’d be best to develop a solid golf course marking plan, that’s if you haven’t already. This measure is crucial because implementing a solid marketing strategy will play a vital role in achieving your objective of more revenue and increased membership. Although many golf course owners or managers underestimate an effective advertising plan’s primary function in enhancing their public image, increasing conversion rates, and strengthening customer retention, ensure not to make this same mistake.

Golf course marketing has always been an issue of concern to most general managers. By including the following in your golf course marketing plan, you’re assured of increased visibility and wide reachability of your course, leading to increased membership and more revenue.

Content Marketing Optimization

It’s true content marketing is an integral part of any online advertising process. However, not all golf course managers take the time to optimize their website’s content. Optimizing your content can increase your conversion rate from average to exceptional. Consider including textual elements like bullet points and headers to improve readability. Additionally, you might want to add images to grab and sustain attention to your content.

Social Media Optimization

One of the best ways to gain a broad reach is through social media. Millions of people regularly use channels like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to communicate, discover new products, and make purchases. Therefore, it’d be best to connect with your target audience through these channels. One technique you can utilize is a Twitter poll, which may include different questions on your course or golf in general. A Twitter poll can help you understand your target audience by learning what kind of amenities, services, and products they prefer for their ideal golf club/course.


While web articles and blog posts are useful methods of communicating your brand’s value to your customers, there’s a more effective technique. Video production, especially one created using a drone, is a better method of passing information to your audience and keeping them entertained to the end. With the ability to sustain a viewer’s attention, video production makes it easier for people to absorb information than going through several information paragraphs before seeing what’s offered.

Brand Ambassador Marketing

This type of advertising is one you’ve got to include in your golf course marketing plan. Brand ambassador marketing entails advertising a brand through word of mouth. Since this marketing type is a powerful form of gaining customers, ensure to implement strategies to encourage your customers’ sharing of their golf course experience with others. You can entice them to do so by offering incentive packages, such as a discount of up to 15 percent on their next golf round when they sign a family member or friend for a trial membership.

As a golf course owner or manager interested in gaining more membership and generating more revenue, you’ve got to create an exceptional golf course marketing plan. Similarly, utilize some if not all the marketing methods in this plan to achieve your goal. Don’t forget to optimize your primary online advertising efforts.