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Competitor's Linkedin Advertising

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Competitor’s Linkedin Advertising

We are often too interested in our competitors’ marketing strategies and marketing plans, let’s be real.

It is always beneficial to gather data from your Competitor’s Linkedin Advertising. This saves you time and money, as well as allowing you to optimize your ads more profitably. You can then identify the best marketing tactics that work for your customers and use them to improve your marketing strategies.

Don’t copy other marketers. Instead, you can use data from your competitors to get inspiration and find the Closely and recent trends. This is possible only if you are able to identify your direct competitors via LinkedIn.

This read will show you exactly what to do if you don’t have the same.

This guide covers:

  • How Linkedin Advertising can help you find your competitors.
  • LinkedIn: Follow your competitors.
  • These are the best LinkedIn tactics to profit from your competitor’s marketing strategy.

How to identify your competitors on LinkedIn

How to identify your competitors on LinkedIn

Before we get into the subject, do you really know your competitors?

No matter what platform you use, competitive research or competitor analysis are the foundation of any advertising campaign.

You can’t differentiate yourself from your competitors if you don’t know your direct competition.

If you are confident, skip this step. If not, here are quick ways to find your competitors on LinkedIn.

Analyze search engine results

The simplest and most efficient way to find your business’s competitors is to search Google.

This works most of time. Your direct competitors will likely be writing on topics related to your solution or offer.

You can identify relevant keywords if you pay attention and look carefully.

This method allows you to identify competitors and find out who your content is being searched for on search engines.

Google can also be used to identify competitors in a variety of ways.

Pay close attention to the data paid:

  • Facebook groups.
  • Search for your keywords on Twitter to explore the suggested pages.
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator is available. “Posted Content Keywords “Option.
  • Review the articles that are relevant to your niche.

Now that you’re able to identify your competitors, it is time to examine their marketing and advertising strategies.

LinkedIn: Research Your Competitors

You should always spy on your competitors via LinkedIn in private mode. This will ensure that they don’t receive any notification that you have viewed their profiles.

Click on your LinkedIn profile to activate the LinkedIn private mode. Privacy & Settings.

Look for the Visibility option on your profile and network. Click “Select” to proceed. Viewing Options.

Next, enable the Private mode to view competitor profiles without restrictions.

We will then advise you to go to their official LinkedIn business page. Scroll down to the bottom and click on Select.Ads “Inside thePostsSection.

This means that you won’t find any advertisements on the official website of your Competitor’s Linkedin Advertising.

There is less competition, so you can easily rank higher than your competitors and reach your target market in a unique manner if you invest some money on LinkedIn ads.

To conclude the same, however, you’ll need to look at multiple competitors because it is hard to confirm the same from just one competitor. Do extensive research to find out.

This will allow you to see which demographics your competitors are reaching with their ads.

Pay close attention to the latest products in the ad.

It acts as a lead magnet. It can be a lead magnet, such as a free ebook, consultation, or any other similar offer, or a general brand awareness ad.

LinkedIn ads are more expensive than other types of advertising. You should note the stage of your competitor’s marketing funnel before you use these ads.

The CTA that encourages users download whitepapers or suggests the most recent blog posts is a sign that they are at top of the marketing funnel.

Their ads that encourage users to book demos or buy now are considered middle or bottom-of-the-funnel.

You should keep all of these important details in mind when conducting a thorough audit of your promotional and marketing campaign. These are the questions you should ask yourself:

What your offer is like compared to others? Are you relevant to your market or audience?

What can you do to improve it? If your competitors are promoting a blog post that has five pages, how can you make it more interesting and current?

You should also look beyond LinkedIn to analyze other media such as Twitter and Facebook in order to achieve the desired results.

LinkedIn Content Retargeting Approach:

LinkedIn Content Retargeting Approach

This is a simple, but effective lead generation strategy. It primarily relies on the content of top influencers and competitors.

The primary goal is to find a post that’s popular and relevant to your niche. Once you have found the post, you can reach users who are interested in it.

Final Word:

You can gain valuable insight by looking at your direct competitors on LinkedIn and their marketing activities.

Marketers need to be able to identify trends and conduct competitor analyses to stay ahead.

It is always worth trying to learn as much about your competitors as possible. Your peers will have likely already spent considerable time researching and testing their ads.

You can do research on your LinkedIn competitors, their ads, and find out what is working for them. This can be a great way to use your knowledge to your advantage.

SEO: Protecting Your Time and Your Brand - Nerder SEO

How To Future Proof Your Brand With The Help Of SEO

A search engine optimization firm can make an effort to bring you fresh, targeted prospects, and increase your institution’s internet profile, while keeping in keeping with your advertising strategy.  But you’ll discover this so as to acquire quality results that continue, important changes need to be created to your site, from the accession of copy to modifications to the code into adjustments to the website’s layout. 

Breaking stage, you’re most likely contemplating outsourcing your search engine optimization efforts.  The search engine optimization provider which you choose should have the capacity to take care of all elements of the job with minimal participation in the own organization to help save time and maintain your advertising plan intact. 

Guarding Your Time

Your search engine optimization firm needs to be respectful of the time by making funds accessible to take care of copywriting, execution, along with also keyphrase recommendations, a number of the very time-consuming pieces of an search engine optimization campaign, so you don’t need to. 

Even though you might have to give reference material on your advertising strategy, and as you ought to always have an endorsement measure for every milestone on your effort, your organization should otherwise have the ability to settle back and unwind while the hunt engine optimization provider handles all of the specifics.


It is very Probable Your internal marketing division does not have the extra time which would be essential to compose the optimized backup that has to look on your website.  Your search engine optimization company ought to have the tools available to take care of all replicate, from brand-new webpages to upgrades of current pages, provided that you can extend the materials that accurately describe your services and products, in addition to your advertising strategy and advertising message.


Similarly, your IT department Is Most Likely already stretched thin with inner difficulties.  Though your search engine optimization company doesn’t execute exactly the very exact functions as your internet design company, it should have the ability to execute all modifications to your website to a test bed, permitting you final acceptance before your site goes live.  This may remove the demand for the IT people to become intensely involved with the procedure. 

Key-Phrase Recommendations

Many companies think they want to be significantly involved in the choice of keyphrases to their SEO effort so as to maintain the initiative in accord with their branding approach.  But you might be amazed to see that the lingo your clients are using, along with the phrases they are looking for, aren’t exactly the exact same as the ones which that you may use.

Your search engine optimization firm ought to have the expertise required to perform each the search for you personally and demonstrate its findings, leaving one to just examine and accept the results. 

These are only a few examples of your search engine optimization business may guard your own time. A complete search engine optimization campaign involves a lot more measures in this way, however, your company should keep the doctrine of adhering to a own branding plan whilst carrying up to the load from your hands as possible during the full procedure. 

Guarding Your Brand

When you flip the reins of your Search Engine Optimization effort over to a search engine optimization business, you have to be able to trust your branding strategy is going to be followed closely. For this to take place, you have to make certain the search engine optimization business that you’ve hired has the tested resources readily available, and that means you are not jeopardizing your brand so as to conserve time.

And you have to be assured that the company can create copy that’s as precise and well-written as the inner resources could have completed. Your search engine optimization firm should have a


On staff who has shown ability in composing search engine optimized copy, and advertising copy generally.  The company ought to be in a position to supply its customers with writing samples and testimonials to demonstrate that the copywriter’s capacity to translate a organization’s branding strategy and messaging.

Marketing Material

At the Start of your effort, your research engine optimization firm should ask a “data dump” of all your present advertising and advertising and advertising materials that show your branding plan, such as whitepapers and media releases.  This will make sure that some new pages which are additional to a website will likely probably be in accord with your advertising message and will likely probably soon be accurate.

Differentiators and Initiatives

An Excellent search engine optimization company will ask you for your manufacturer’s key differentiators. These are able to be woven to your internet copy from the copywriter so as to provide a more comprehensive image of your organization and boost your branding. Plan modifications and new projects on the horizon also needs to be discussed along with your search engine optimization firm so the company can make strategies to tackle them as they occur.


Your technical specialists are invaluable tools on your SEO firm, but it is clear that their period is constrained. Reputable search engine optimization business need to run interviews with all these specialists so as to acquire a better image of your advertising strategy, your providers, along with your own goods, but those interviews must be kept short and succinct.  Obviously, the more info you may supply, the more in tune your SEO optimization company may be with your own brand.


On the way, Your Business may encounter new factors which have to be integrated into its effort. If you alter your advertising plan, your search engine optimization firm ought to be capable to correct your campaign so. Should you add or remove goods, your hunt engine optimization firm ought to be able to match you effortlessly.  Your search engine optimization firm should remain flexible enough to handle your organization’s unique needs.


Using an internet search engine marketing campaign as part of a whole marketing and branding strategy does not have to mean extra work for your business. You ought to have the ability to discover a search engine optimization company that could deal with your copy along with your execution so you don’t need to. Your resources must only be included as far as they could be, and also the search engine optimization firm ought to look after the remainder.

5 Real-World Examples of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning (ML) is a subset of artificial intelligence (AI) that focuses on giving computer systems the ability to improve from their experiences without being explicitly programmed by an outside source. Put another way, it allows for computer programs to analyze data and use it to learn for themselves. Machine learning methods are sometimes grouped under the umbrella of deep learning, but a machine learning algorithm can generally be placed into the category of supervised or unsupervised learning.

The supervised machine learning approach allows a program to apply concepts previously learned to new data using pattern recognition and labeled examples. Essentially, the machine is shown how to properly perform a function and is then able to infer how to perform the function based on the training data.

The unsupervised machine learning approach involves the training of an algorithm without classified or labeled data. This allows the algorithm to perform functions using unstructured data, enabling unsupervised algorithms to perform more complex tasks than their supervised counterparts.

There are a wide variety of machine learning models that fit one of these two categories, or represent a combination, and each machine learning model is useful for specific tasks. Sets of algorithms are gathered in neural networks which are somewhat comparable to the human brain. The following are just some of the practical applications of machine learning.

1. Classification

It’s hard to overstate the applications of machine approaches when it comes to classification and categorization. The supervised machine learning approach is particularly suited to these tasks since it uses known labels to construct a data set. These tasks essentially consist of diving groups of data each into a separate category. Classifier systems are integral to all computer fields as they are the basis of organization. Without classifiers, all other ML applications would be impossible, from big data applications to a small relational database.

2. Image recognition

One of the most common uses of machine learning is image recognition. This is a process of identifying key features or objects present in digital images. A good example of this is face detection. It also has many more applications in analysis such as pattern recognition, individual face recognition, letter recognition, and more. While there are many techniques available to achieve these goals, using a machine learning approach has become the preferred method in recent years.

Optical character recognition can be taken a step further through sentiment analysis. This is a real-time application of machine learning that utilizes data mining of text to determine the sentiment of the author. This can be particularly useful for data analysis and storage and can help organizations quickly determine metrics such as customer satisfaction.

3. Video surveillance

Being able to properly identify a person in frame on security camera footage is extremely important, and video surveillance is one of the more advanced machine learning applications. Video files contain much more information than text or image files, and extracting all useful information is crucial. An ML algorithm can track a person across multiple frames of a video and identify them based on walking pattern and other identifying features or behavior, with facial recognition being the most prominent. Even a glimpse of a potential offender in the image can be useful, and machine learning methods are invaluable to analysts trying to make the most of security footage.

4. News coverage

As natural language generation continues to advance, it’s actually possible for bots to use a database of local information, historical data, or any other relevant sources to write news stories. This is often done to cover gaps in local news coverage, and many news outlets such as USA Today, Reuters, and Buzzfeed have used news bots to create stories and make predictions as to how news will spread. News bots can also be used to analyze sources, and some have even been able to convert simple stories into short videos and narrate them thanks to computer speech recognition.

5. Financial security

Naturally, cybersecurity is one of the top priorities for any financial institution, and it’s one of the most important applications of machine learning. Banks use ML methods to detect fraudulent transactions and alert their clients to the possibility of such activities. This is done by analyzing financial activities and delivering risk scores to make predictions about fraudulent actions.

Of course, online retailers and payment services also need to implement impeccable fraud detection as well because recovering from cyberattacks can be much more difficult than preventing them in the first place.

6. Computer speech recognition

Sometimes referred to as automatic speech recognition, this is the transformation of spoken word into text, and it makes data entry much simpler as the spoken word is significantly faster than typing speed. Of course, the machine learning applications go far beyond dictation now that smartphones and digital assistants have become so prevalent.

Machines can now easily understand a speech signal, a fact consumers take advantage of every day when they use voice search in a search engine or instruct Alexa to choose their next movie. Speech recognition can even allow users to directly speak to chatbots, since ML techniques can “translate” sound waves into bits, although there are still some challenges, such as speech speed, that can make the translation difficult. Still, this technology has already found its way into every day life for many.

7. Transportation

How often do you bring up google maps while driving? Some of the most useful features of this service are only possible thanks to machine learning. A good example of this is its ability to predict traffic or bus schedules. This is done by collecting location data for vehicles and then accounting for anticipated stop/slow times to give a real-time estimate of traffic and delays.

Machine learning is also used by other services like Uber. For example, Uber is able to anticipate rider demand and direct it’s driverless cars thanks to data gathered and analyzed from sensors and cameras placed on vehicles.

8. Medical services

Health care is one of the most noble uses for machine learning, and applications can range from quickly scanning test results for breast cancer to using artificial neural networks to mimic the thought processes of human brains and gain deeper insights into our own minds.

Machines can even be used to make a medical diagnosis in certain circumstances where patients outnumber doctors or where fatigue could lead to harmful errors. For example, the Infervison AI is being used in China to catch cases of lung cancer early. Without this machine, the lack of qualified radiologists would make saving many lives near impossible.

Of course, not all applications are life and death. Machine learning can be used to make simple aspects of doctor visits easier, such as therapy planning for your next session.

9. Retail and service

Machine learning examples in real life like many retail and customer service jobs are more efficient by making it easier than ever for customers to buy products and by improving the level of customer service that can be provided. Consider the product recommendations you’ll find on sites like Amazon and Google. These sights have studied the products that interest you, and they bring similar products to your attention.

Customer support has also improved dramatically in more recent years now that customers can interact with chatbots and choose their communication methods when contacting customer support. Managers in nearly any field can now do their jobs easier as well thanks to virtual personal assistants and customer analytics technology.

10. Social media

Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook can use programs that automatically search for objectionable content and delete it or to recommend certain posts to users. Machine learning is used at Pinterest to search through the millions of pins uploaded each day and to optimize their ads. Essentially any social media site could use deep learning for information extraction and further analysis of the millions of ideas that get posted each day.

For some more detailed examples of machine learning, refer to this video from edureka!

digital marketing fitness

5 Steps To Reach Your Target Audience More Effectively

Do you ever get the feeling you are being followed? You’re not crazy. You ARE being followed…around the Internet, that is, based upon your search history.

As a digital marketing fitness professional, it is my job to ensure I am on top of the latest trends in digital marketing so that I can apply that knowledge to campaigns I am running for my clients. I am used to getting questions that begin with … “that sounds great, but how do I…” followed by a lot of silence while they wait for me to explain how they can incorporate a new trend into their own digital marketing fitness campaigns. The silence was almost deafening on a recent webinar when I casually mentioned that if you aren’t using retargeting campaigns and look-alike audiences in their campaigns, they are leaving a potential windfall on the table. It honestly did not occur to me that the webinar participants had never heard of these words when they were being aggressively targeted themselves on a daily basis.


digital marketing fitness

Did you know that only 2% of website visitors purchase on their first visit? That means that 98% of people who visit your website or check out your offer for the first time bail without ever converting into a purchasing client. Sure, that 2% may become long-term, repeat customers, but if you’re letting the other 98% get away without purchasing anything, you are leaving a LOT of money on the table, and not yours.

Advertisers pay thousands of dollars to Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube for the opportunity to get in front of potential buyers when they’re actually looking for something to buy. Utilizing pixels, or pieces of code that live on landing pages, advertisers are able to capture your information and essentially follow you around the internet and your network area, and present you with opportunities to purchase what you’re searching for. The pool for potential buyers is deep, but so is the sheer number of companies who want to earn their business. This is why you have to ensure you are in front of the consumer when they are ready to purchase.

Real Life Example:

My niece is about to get her drivers permit and she has big (read: unrealistic) dreams of her first car. Last weekend, she asked my sister if she could borrow her laptop to research potential vehicle options and spent over an hour comparing body types and options and researching prices. Apparently, she spent quite some time researching Audi and BMW SUV’s as well as a few more reasonable Honda options.

Fast-forward to that evening when my sister went online to check out her Facebook feed. Lo and behold, there was ad after ad from local car dealerships and pictures of the “way out of her price range” SUV’s my niece had spent the day researching. How in the heck did that happen? She hadn’t researched these cars, why are ads for them showing up in her feed? Simple answer: retargeting from pixels to her computer’s IP address that had captured search history that day.

As most of you know, we specialize in creating fitness challenges for our clients and primarily utilize Facebook as our medium for advertising these challenges. Using Facebook pixels, we are able to capture information from prospects who do not take action on our offer. In this case, we are able to create a custom audience of people who seemed to be interested in fitness, body fat loss or nutrition and target them specifically based on this information. Through a retargeting campaign, we can provide them with more information about the challenges via email as well as provide them with another opportunity to click through to finish registration via additional ads and/or emails as well. If they fulfill the purchase, opt out or the campaign wraps up, the prospect is taken out of the retargeting campaigns. The best part about retargeting your audience, though, is closure. You can be sure you have done everything you could to get the sale before letting a prospect walk away without purchasing.

Look-Alike Audiences

Working hand-in-hand with retargeting digital marketing fitness campaigns, the look-alike audience is the BEST way to get in front of a cross-section of consumers who exhibit the same buying patterns and interests as current members of your club. How is that even possible? Have you ever had a group of clients that were so amazing that you wished you could have a hundred more just like them? Wish no more. Facebook has made it possible for you to upload a list of your current audience and using an algorithm I won’t even pretend to understand, they are able to create a new CUSTOMIZED audience for you to market to.  You just “tell” them that you want to target people that have the same behaviors. For more info you can Click Here.

In below video two experts shared their marketing ideas for fitness business. To learn watch the video now.

Both retargeting and look-alike audiences are only two of a plethora of marketing angles that pre-empt an online sale these days. If you would like to get more information about how these opportunities can help your own facility, we would love to chat. Make an appointment with us here to see how Profit Marketing Solutions can help take your company to the next level.

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