You want to landscape your yard, but you need ideas. Landscaping for your Calgary home is important to you, but the price needs to be affordable. There are lots of Calgary landscape contractors, so whom do you choose? What should you look for when choosing a Calgary landscaping company?

Most Important Factors in Choosing a Calgary Landscape Company

When you choose to landscape your yard in Calgary, you want the best job at the best price and you want the job done on time. So, first you need ideas and then you need the Calgary landscape company that can best turn those ideas into reality. And, while you need the work to fit within your budget, you also need it done on time so that your yard does not look like an abandoned construction project for months at a time.

Choose a Calgary Landscape Designer First of All

An excellent first step in choosing a Calgary landscape company is to ask to see their landscape design portfolio. Does this landscaper have fresh and original ideas? When you are pleasantly surprised by their design ideas or even amazed, you are on the right track. If you want your yard to look like everyone else’s, don’t bother with this step. But, if you would like to spend the next years being continually pleased with your choice, this is an important first step. And, if you want to add your ideas to the process, ask to see their landscape design process.

Choose from Calgary Landscape Contractors Who Do the Job Well

No matter how great your landscaping design ideas might be, you want a Calgary landscaping contractor who will turn those ideas into stunning reality. Ask to see their construction portfolio and their landscaping design projects. Do the final results match their great design ideas? Are you seeing finished landscaping projects and saying, “that’s what I want for my home?” When that happens, you know that you are on the right track.

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The Best Quality Calgary Landscaping at the Right Price

First of all, remember that if you want higher quality and better service, it typically comes at a higher price than sloppy work. That having been said, you want to pay a fair price for your Calgary landscaping. One way to do this is to take the same general design idea to several Calgary landscape companies and ask for bids. The other important thing to do is look to see if the landscaping company publishes testimonials or will give references. The best way of choosing a Calgary landscape company is to limit your selection to landscapers who have happy customers with no regrets!

Can the Landscape Company Finish Work before the Alberta Winter Sets In?

Unless your landscaping project includes a path for cross-country skiing or a pond for ice hockey practice, you will typically want to take advantage of your newly landscaped yard during the spring, summer, and fall. Talk to your preferred Calgary landscape company and find out when they can start with design ideas when those ideas will be ready for your approval, when the landscaper can start the work, and when they promise to finish. (Please notice that we said “promise” and not “expect to” finish.) Here is also where references and testimonials are helpful as you can get an idea of how prompt they usually are.

Why Choose Tazscapes as Your Calgary Landscape Company?

With Tazscapes landscaping company of Calgary, you get a Calgary landscape designer who studied landscape architecture at the University of Manitoba and emerged with a Bachelor’s Degree in Environment Design. And, you get someone who obtained his Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture (M.LA) as well. On his way to opening Tazscapes Inc. Calgary, he worked for Friesen Tokar Associates, the most-prestigious Manitoba architectural firm. Having started as a junior landscape architect, he worked his way up the ranks to be a lead landscape designer. As such, when you come to Tazscapes Inc Calgary you will get great and fresh design ideas, a company that brings these ideas to life and does so on time and at a fair price. For more information contact Tazscapes today.