As a new Dad, the confusion and trauma of the new baby soon wear off once routine sets in, yet there’s still a sense of compliance rather than enterprise in the first few months. Let’s face it, we’re beginning to realise that child care isn’t as daunting as we once thought it was going to be. The loss of sleep is a challenge, but we’re made of tough stuff and in the name of compliance we can ride it through.

New Father

Evolution is usually referred to in terms of generations, but when referring to child care Dads evolve over a much shorter period. Is it evolution even? Or is it more a cognitive adaptation? Never mind the big words, the crux is that Dads learn very quickly. They begin to understand what that noisy bundle wants or needs and after a relatively short time period Dad is starting to call some of the shots.

He starts to read about new products. Dad is by nature a gadget freak and will always seek out anything that could make his life easier. Not only that, he starts to learn that not only can he make his own life easier, but he can make other people’s lives better at the same time by buying fairtrade baby clothes and products. He can also help keep the planet a better place by swapping all that plastic stuff for some bamboo bowls or bamboo baby clothes.

See, he’s learning, evolving, adapting. Darwin would be applauding! Before long he’ll even develop a competitive edge, challenging Mum on issues that only a month ago he was blindly following instructions on. The world’s his oyster now, so look out Mumzilla!

The twenty first century has brought a realisation that there’s a bit more to bringing up baby than just popping sticking plasters on each challenge. It has brought a realisation that we need to choose our sticking plasters responsibly and not contribute to the ever-increasing pollution of the planet. This doesn’t mean that bringing up baby needn’t be fun. There continues to be great innovation, but using sustainable and organic materials. A true Dad is a competitive one and he’ll naturally want to lead the way in bringing the best for baby and his world!