If you’re tired of jogging and elliptical machines at every workout, maybe it’s time to shake things up by dancing your way to excellent health. Dance-inspired workouts are all the rage – and that’s partly because they’re so effective. From ballet to hip-hop to Latin moves, dancing burns loads of calories & gets your heart pumping while getting your body and mind into great shape.

Move and Lose

Increasing your aerobic activity is an effective way to lose excess weight and keep it off. The problem is that many people simply don’t enjoy exercise and find walking, running, and elliptical machines tedious. You’re much more likely to stick with an exercise you think is fun, and dancing fits the bill. To reach and maintain a healthy weight, you should exercise most days of the week for at least 30 minutes. Fill this time with dancing, and you’ll hardly feel like you’ve worked out – you’ll just feel like you’ve had fun! You can find dance workouts in group fitness classes in Melbourne at Dance Dynamics. These classes will get your heart rate up, have you breathing harder, and burn calories like crazy. Accompany your workouts with a healthy diet, and you’ll see the results on the scale in no time.

Mambo Muscles

Dancing builds lean muscle, and if you’re trying to lose weight, this is good news because the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn all day long – even at rest. Different types of dance will provide you with various benefits. For example, ballet barre exercises Strength and Tone Class the muscles you need for leaps, jumps, and leg extensions. Jazz can work out your core and legs for sexy shimmies and spectacular bends. Hip-hop moves build high-intensity endurance. No matter which style of dance you prefer, you’ll be burning calories and building muscle – and getting closer to or maintaining your target weight.

Keeping It Safe

When you participate in dance-inspired fitness classes in Melbourne, don’t let an injury keep you at home. You can avoid injury by making sure you warm up before each class, just as you would for any exercise. Pay attention to the teacher’s instruction so that you learn proper alignment and form. Keep in mind that to raise your heart rate to sufficiently aerobic levels, dance must be sustained, not stop-and-start. Also, be cautious about high-intensity, high-impact workouts, as these can raise your risk of injury if you aren’t already in top shape. Always check with your doctor before beginning a fitness class in Melbourne.


For almost 20 years, Dance Dynamics has been providing clients in the Melbourne area with exciting dance workouts. Learning to dance is a fun and social way to lose weight, get into shape, improve your coordination, build strength, and enjoy a host of other physical and mental health benefits. Our classes include dance styles such as ballet barre, jazz, Latin, Tabata, and Zumba, and we have options for people of all ages and fitness levels. Try out a class for free to see how much fun getting healthy can be!