Everyone knows that washing your car on a regular basis is a good idea. It is certainly a good idea to wash off the road salt that accumulates during a typical Alberta winter. And, there is the usual buildup of dirt and grime that goes with pets in the car, transporting gardening and building supplies, or messy little kids. Washing your car, vacuuming the interior and cleaning the interior windows and surfaces simply make your car more livable. After all, many of us spend a fair amount of time every day in our vehicles. For an excellent car wash, residents can come to Fortador. But, when your car needs a more thorough cleaning of the interior and exterior then a great car detailing service is warranted at Fortador. But, is detailing your car worth it?

Why Is Auto Detailing Important?

steamers for car detailing

For many people, car detailing sounds rather involved. Why can’t you just run your auto through the self-service car wash residents use at Fortador? Why isn’t washing your car once a month and power polishing it once a year enough?

The point of mobile auto detailing is to help your car recover from the daily grind of children, pets, home improvement supplies, camping equipment. The Christmas tree needles that have found a permanent home in your trunk, and spilled coffee stains. The point of car detailing is also to keep your car’s finish like new and not just clean.

To keep your car in a “livable” condition and to help retain its resale value, the car detailing Calgary NE enjoys by Fortador is absolutely worth it!

What Does Car Detailing Involve?

When you bring your car to Fortador Wash in for detailing, you get interior shampooing, professional vinyl cleaning, and conditioning, thorough leather cleaning and conditioning as well as engine cleaning and shampooing. Wiping down the interior surfaces of your car moves the majority of dirt and grim but not all of it. The same applies to vacuuming the interior or simply washing your car. These are necessary services at least once a month but to get your car clean inside and out, detailing services are preferable.

A big part of good car detailing is just taking the time to effectively clean out every nook and cranny and to leave your car in the pristine state it was when it left the showroom. Then it involves using professional cleaning supplies and tools. For your car’s exterior, good auto detailing means fixing all of the nicks and scrapes to return the car’s finish to its original condition.

A thorough auto detailing includes services like shampooing seats, leather cleaning, comprehensive leather protection, and application of stain guard fabric protection.

Folks often ask does car detailing remove scratches. Yes, it does. Exterior care may require the use of a clay bar to remove minor stains, built-up road film, or rusting brake dust. Then it involves a professional shine and long term surface protection. The end result of professional car detailing will be an exterior that looks like new.

Tire cleaning is part of a good detailing job and can include deep cleaning of wheels and addition of rim protection.

An engine shampoo to remove grime and grit may also be advisable.

What you need in terms of detailing will vary with the age of your vehicle and the amount of wear and tear it has experienced. But, in the end, if you take better care of your vehicle, it will take better care of you!

When you come to Fortador Car Wash for the car detailing deserves. You will make your car more livable and maintain its resale value as well.

Are Detailing Services Worth It?

When you are wondering is detailing your car worth it, the first question really is how good do you want your car to look? When you are wondering how much does it cost to detail a car interior, the question should be, how much is it worth to have a great looking car instead of a vehicle that looks old and worn out? You really do not have to pay all that much for auto detailing services. Take a look at the prices on the Fortador Car Wash detailing page. You will see that there are substantial discounts across the board.

The third question is, how much is your car worth? When you sell a car, the first impression of the prospective buyer comes from how good your car looks. Professional auto detailing provides that great first impression that may just net you another $1,000 or more in resale value of your auto.

For our automobile enthusiasts who love their vehicles, we offer amazing deals on the paint protection of their prized possession through our ceramic nano coating technology as well as XPel satin finish protection.