A wide range of training programs

The list of professional courses that you can take in the training center “Adelaide Beauty School” is very extensive and includes almost all areas of demand in the beauty industry. And it is constantly updated!

Personal approach

Our masters must take into account the specific features of each student, which makes it equally easy for everyone to master the program and acquire the necessary professional skills.

The number of students in the group up to 6 people. As practice has shown, with a large number of people it is not always possible to correctly assess students’ knowledge and, if necessary, help them. We do not aspire to a large number of students and graduates; our goal is to acquire all the necessary knowledge.

Professional teaching instructors

We know that the theory diverges from the practice, and what is easily described in the lectures can become a serious problem for beginning masters. That is why our teachers – master practitioners who do not only know the theory, but successfully apply it in their work.

Adelaide Beauty School

Adelaide Beauty School

Flexible payment system

If Vas doesn’t have the opportunity to immediately pay for the entire beautician courses adelaide, it’s not going to happen! Our supervisor will pick up a personal payment plan for you.

The courses consist of 90% of the science and 10% of the theory. You can’t learn to cut or grow your legs by simply reading about it or hearing a course of treatment. The most important thing in the work of each master is the practice. On our courses you will not just learn all the tricks and tricks of the profession; you will gain a valuable experience in applying them in practice.

Practice on our models

The question of training beginners often becomes very serious – where to find models? In our training center is not a problem! We provide models for all of our students! Specially equipped classes that meet all modern requirements.

Personal graphics

We are developing a course schedule that will be suitable for all students! In the evening or weekend, everything is possible; just discuss this question with our managers.

Training Certificate

After successful delivery of exams, our Diploma of Beauty Therapy receive a corresponding certificate, which undoubtedly testifies to the high level of their professional training and is highly appreciated in the market of beauty.