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Dad Evolve

As a new Dad, the confusion and trauma of the new baby soon wear off once routine sets in, yet there’s still a sense of compliance rather than enterprise in the first few months. Let’s face it, we’re beginning to realise that child care isn’t as daunting as we once thought it was going to be. The loss of sleep is a challenge, but we’re made of tough stuff and in the name of compliance we can ride it through.

New Father

Evolution is usually referred to in terms of generations, but when referring to child care Dads evolve over a much shorter period. Is it evolution even? Or is it more a cognitive adaptation? Never mind the big words, the crux is that Dads learn very quickly. They begin to understand what that noisy bundle wants or needs and after a relatively short time period Dad is starting to call some of the shots.

He starts to read about new products. Dad is by nature a gadget freak and will always seek out anything that could make his life easier. Not only that, he starts to learn that not only can he make his own life easier, but he can make other people’s lives better at the same time by buying fairtrade baby clothes and products. He can also help keep the planet a better place by swapping all that plastic stuff for some bamboo bowls or bamboo baby clothes.

See, he’s learning, evolving, adapting. Darwin would be applauding! Before long he’ll even develop a competitive edge, challenging Mum on issues that only a month ago he was blindly following instructions on. The world’s his oyster now, so look out Mumzilla!

The twenty first century has brought a realisation that there’s a bit more to bringing up baby than just popping sticking plasters on each challenge. It has brought a realisation that we need to choose our sticking plasters responsibly and not contribute to the ever-increasing pollution of the planet. This doesn’t mean that bringing up baby needn’t be fun. There continues to be great innovation, but using sustainable and organic materials. A true Dad is a competitive one and he’ll naturally want to lead the way in bringing the best for baby and his world!


Organic cotton clothing

Organic cotton clothing Keep Up With Today’s Green Environment

Welcome to our website, which is devoted to Organic cotton clothing. Thousands of people search the internet looking for information about this every month. We have pulled all the best information together and put it under one roof.

Organic cotton clothing

Organic cotton clothing

Organic cotton clothing

You have a new baby and you also feel you are environmentally responsible and wish to keep everything as “green” and pristine as possible. So how can you accomplish both? Make sure you use only organic cotton clothing on your child from infancy on. We have learned that previously baby clothes had been made from cotton fibres treated with chemicals to insure they were very soft for babies. But many of those very chemicals have been shown to be harmful to the environment even though safe for small children. Now we know better. What has been deemed safe because it didn’t appear to harm the children now is known to cause irritation for some and even potential long term health issues for many. Whenever any form of chemicals for treatment can be avoided, that will help make certain the product is safe, for both the baby and the environment as a whole.

Organic cotton clothing

Organic cotton clothing

How do we get organic cotton?

Just how do we get “organic cotton” and other popular and environmentally friendly fibres? Well the term “organic” means that everything from the soil to the fertilizers used to grow cotton from seeds that are derived from an organic source. No synthetic fertilizers or chemicals that can harm the soil or pesticides that can cause more harm than good must ever be used in the making of organic products. While cotton is among the most popular fibres grown and manufactured organically, there are other types. However cotton has proven to be the most versatile and resilient material and is extremely popular for use as clothing, diapers, toys, bathrobes, towels, bedding and blankets. Along with use as a fabric, the cottonseed oil derived from growing cotton is also grown organically and is used as a safe and economical animal feed and even for making chips and cookies. Organic cotton is an extremely versatile and valuable commodity and is especially appreciated for use as organic clothing kids.

As a popular commodity organic cotton ranks high in global production

The fact that organic cotton grows by use of materials and methods shown to be of a low impact on our environment, it has become widely popular around the world and is now grown everywhere it is possible. This also means there must be methods by which it can be proven to be strictly grown in an environmentally friendly fashion. Third party organizations that provide certification must verify those who call themselves “organic producers” are following the guidelines correctly and never use synthetic fertilizers or any form of toxic pesticides. Genetically engineered seeds are strictly prohibited in use for organic farming and must meet regulations governing how cotton is to be grown.

Where valuable organic cotton is produced globally

Currently there are twenty two countries around the world growing organic cotton. The United States, Peru, Egypt, China, India, Turkey, Syria, and Tanzania are among the biggest producers and an estimate of $4.3 billion was grown in 2009 which is up by some thirty five percent from the previous year (2008). The popularity of organic cotton continues to grow and with even more uses for the products made with this environmentally safe and useful product there is no end to the bright future for organic cotton. Keep your baby safe and warm in organic cotton clothing.

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