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How To Get Certified Translation With The Help Of Professional Translation Services?

Professional translation services are your best bet if you are moving or trading in foreign economies. You can’t risk such critical legal requirements by getting your documents translated unprofessionally; professional assistance to get your translations certified is a must here.

Here, we are going to examine how we can get our translations and a translator certified and why it is important. A translator who is certified can provide a certified translation. Each translator in the team can verify the translation work for any other translator to double-check for any errors.

The translator can also verify someone else’s translation – as long as the translator has completely reviewed the translation accurately and completely and the translation will not be changed after verification. This is why translation companies can verify the translation provided by their staff or independent translators.

The certificate statement must specify whether the signator has translated or updated the translation.

What is Included In The Certificate Statement?

The certificate statement must include the following details at least.

  • The translator’s qualification statement
  • A statement confirming the completeness and accuracy of the text
  • Text identification and translated language
  • The translator’s name, signature and date

It is best to ask the client if there are any special needs. For example, some end users will be concerned if the translator and client share the same surname, require the certificate statements to appear on the translator’s letterhead or use certain words, or reject signatures on anything other than blue and black ink. You should let your clients know that it is their responsibility to know the needs of the end-user.

What Is The Most Common Use Of Guaranteed Translation? What Types Of Translations Are Usually Certified?

Clients may require certified translation for many reasons. Procedures and government agencies (e.g., applying for a visa, obtaining a driver’s license, seeking public benefits) often require certified translation.

Similarly, legal action, both civil (e.g., adoption, divorce) and crime, may require a guaranteed interpretation.

Educational institutions also require foreigners to submit certified translations of application documents (e.g., diplomas, transcripts.)

Translation of the documents in the legal field is known as Legal translation.  Here the main concern is that is it compulsory to translate documents officially? So the answer is YES! The official translation is now compulsory in UAE for the documents like birth certificates, affidavits, marriage certificates, death certificates, power of attorney and so on.

Every language has unique goals, names and contexts that differ from place to place and languages. Translators are required to make the text or information available from a language to another directly and translate it as per the local cultural context and feel. In Dubai, translation is needed in a variety of places that include economic, medical, technology, legal, advertisement, finance, medical, Scientifics businesses backgrounds.

What Is The Difference Between A Certified Translation And A Notarized Translation?

Some end-users of verified translations may request or require that “translation be notified.” This is actually a mistake as the translation cannot be notified.

The attorney for the contracts only officially acknowledged or notified the identity of the person who signed the certificate statement. While the terms are incorrect, it is helpful to know that this is often used by end-users and customers.

 Do not sign the certificate statement until you have a lawyer preparing the agreement because the lawyer preparing the agreement must see your signature.

Why Do You Need A Certified Text Translation In The United Arab Emirates?

As we know that the national, as well as official language of UAE, is Arabic, that’s why any kind of document is required to be translated by government departments in the official language for further processing.

Like, if you are an employee in the UAE and require subsidizing residence visa of your wife, you will be required to prove your marriage certificate in the country you are from and also the foreign ministry in the United Arab Emirates. After this, your documents must be translated into Arabic before submitting them to the immigration department to process your visa.

Although the documents can be translated by relatives or friends, it is widely proved that any kind of official document should be certified to be approved as authentic and unambiguous. This means that a birth certificate issued by a hospital needs to be translated by someone, be it a person or an agency, certified to accurately translate texts from a particular original language into a second or third language.

Start by collecting all the required documents for the translation. Collect them with one easy transfer package for a translator. Attach any special requirements, such as duplicate copies, stamped certificates, or special notices that must be followed during translation.

Find out what time it is for your needs, as most resources will turn your workaround in twenty-four hours for less money. If, for example, a last-minute translation of a marriage certificate is required, this can be accomplished. Just breathe and trust your chosen specialist.

Once the documents are completed, you can continue with your process and better teach others how to translate legal documents if they may have the same needs one day.


To summarize the above, it is clear that at some point in life we ​​may need professional translation services. At some point in your life, whether it is a personal need or one of the technical aspects, it is thought that you will need to have your legal documents translated. This can be anything from a simple overseas road ticket to something more complicated like a divorce package when you apply for both citizenships or remove it.

Where actions require the involvement of two countries in different languages, any documents that must be passed between the two in order to take action must be translated, and in most cases, they must be certified copies. With this in mind, the process of how to translate legal documents, so there is no communication confusion is actually a simple process.

Areas Where You May Need Translation And Interpretation Services Dubai

Translation and interpretation services are of extreme importance because very few people master the languages. Just being able to speak and write a language does not give you full command over it. Rather it needs formal training and practice to be able to professionally pursue translation or services.

Since UAE is a hub of multi-ethnicity, with people from all across the globe pouring in for employment and business motives, there are several areas where translation and interpretation services Dubai might be required. 

Translation of Web Content

Since your website has an international reach and is viewed by audiences from all across the globe, smart organizations have now started translating their website content into various languages, keeping in view the geographic segments that they specifically aim to target.

When the target audience can read the content in their own native language, they feel more connected to the brand and end up buying the offering.

Translation for Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing now plays the role of backbone in the entire marketing campaign. It is one of the major sources of generating leads because the majority of the target audiences are most likely to be there on social media, and that is from where translation companies attempt to drive them to their websites.

Therefore, social media marketing, just as the web content, has been found to be more impactful when audiences find it in their own native languages. The slogans and slang that are culture-specific are particularly incorporated in professional translation services for social media marketing. 

Translation of Marketing Collaterals

No matter how great the influence of electronic presence and social media marketing may be, the impact of conventional marketing collaterals like brochures, stationery items and promotional pictures and graphics still prevails. Translation of the content on these collaterals, thus, is another area that calls for legal translation and interpretation services Dubai

Translation and Interpretation of Policies and Terms and Conditions

Policies and Terms and Conditions are most of the time written in the English language for being the international language. However, the interpretation of these policies is often required for the section of the audience who do not understand this language. 

Interpretation Services Dubai for International meetings

Since businesses are now going across the borders and most of the companies are going international, and the means of communication has also facilitated this globalization and minimization of distances, interpretation services are needed when going for international meetings.

Meetings where executives from various countries are participating and do not have command on each other’s languages do need professional interpretation services. 

Translation and Interpretation of Agreements and contracts

Agreements and contracts are the types of documents that need to have unanimous understanding across all stakeholders. This is one area where the chances of misinterpretation are the highest. Therefore, it is always wiser to hire the service providers for translation and interpretation of these documents where required. 

Translation in Curriculum Development

The most progressive countries worldwide, including China, Japan, England, Australia, at present, have their curriculum at both primary and higher education level designed in their own native languages.

Thus the other countries are now gradually adopting the trend and are in the process of translating the existing curriculum into their native languages to ensure complete understanding of the learners and achieving excellence at all levels in education. 

Translation Services in Academic Research

The world is now research-driven. New knowledge is being created every minute every day in the form of intensive researches conducted in educational institutes and across various industries. However, most of this research is either published in the English Language or in the native languages of the countries of its origin.

The sharing of knowledge that is being created at an international level requires it to be translated into other languages to widen its reach and understanding across the globe, and only then the effectiveness of these researches will be ensured at a maximum level. 

Translation of User Guides and Manuals

The crux of the user guides and manuals lies in their understanding of it. If the buyer of the products or gadgets cannot understand the use of it through the manual, that piece of paper is useless altogether. Thus the user guides and manuals are translated into various languages depending on the country of origin as well as the distribution of the product. 

Translation in E-commerce- Product Descriptions

Just as the leads are increased by translating web content and social media marketing content, those leads can be further utilized and converted into sales by translating your product descriptions as well into the native language of your target audience. 

The E-commerce industry, therefore, relies heavily on professional translation services for their marketing and sales generation through online platforms. 

Translation in Entertainment and Gaming

The entertainment industry is also now crossing the borders. Audiences at large have started accepting the content of each other for the sake of variety. This also brings cultural crosses and the ability to relate with one another.

Movies, games, television serials and seasons, cartoons are being translated now into various languages to take them to a wider audience. This is the trend that was not seen a couple of decades ago, but our media for entertainment is now full of content from other countries.

Interpretation Services Dubai for Travel and Tourism

Ever since the beginning of time, travel and tourism is one area where translation and interpretation services have always prevailed. These services are being utilized in other areas now, but tourism has always relied on interpretation to be able to entertain and attend tourists from foreign countries. Regions like Europe and UAE have a high demand for such services because of the number of foreign visitors they have throughout the year. For all these purposes, it is always better to hire professionals for your translation and interpretation services Dubai instead of relying on your own amateur knowledge of the language. These professionals know how to convey the message appropriately, keeping in view the target audience as well as the purpose behind the message to be conveyed through the content that is being translated or interpreted.

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