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Richmond Fitness Centre

Why Join Richmond Gym?

Are you too lazy to drive to a nearby gym? Do you want to lose weight before your friend’s wedding? Do you need some motivation for exercising on a regular basis? Some people think of a gym as a space place full of equipment and fitness freaks. Some others are too lazy to go to the gym. There are several reasons why one should join Richmond Gym. Lose weight effectively and improve your fitness by joining the gym.

Why don’t most of us avoid joining gym despite knowing its advantages? Deciding to workout requires a lot of motivation initially. It may be difficult to workout without proper support. That’s the main reason why one should join Richmond gym. The qualified and expert fitness trainers help you understand the importance of exercising.

Top Reasons to Join a Gym

Office-goers often complain that they do not have time to visit the gym regularly. Going to the gym before or after the office hours can be a good idea to maintain your health and fitness. Some people prefer to exercise at home. If you do not have proper fitness equipment or trainer, you can join a nearby gym or hire a personal trainer to gain fitness. You can enjoy all the riches of life when you are fit and healthy.

Richmond Gym

Richmond Gym

Achieve Your Fitness Goals Faster With the Gym

Within few days of joining Richmond gym, you would notice a boost in your stamina. You’ll get the motivation you require along with proper guidance and knowledge. The personal trainers pay special attention to every person at the gym and offer custom exercises based on the person’s individual abilities. They will show you how to use fitness equipment properly and track your progress from time to time. You can achieve your fitness goals faster and easily.

Join the gym with your friends so that exercising can be fun. Have a personal trainer with you to encourage you throughout the program. No matter what your health and weight loss goals may be, you can make workout fun when you have someone with you on a regular basis. Exercising under supervision will prevent injuries.

When you join the gym, you receive ongoing support from the trainers. Increase fitness levels or build muscles with tailored exercise plans. Get back in shape and get a flaunting body when you workout on a regular basis. The expert trainers and dietitians would share customized diet plans to help you keep an eye on what you eat.

The right mix of diet and cardiovascular exercises will help you lose weight and live a healthy life. You can workout on weight lifting machines also based on your requirements and capacity of the body. Trainers at Richmond gym are friendly and courteous. You would have a great social experience and you would feel that workout is fun. You would never get bored in the company of fitness enthusiasts. Enjoy luxury and comfort at the gym. So, what are you waiting for? Join the gym today and start enjoy the endless benefits for your body and mind.


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The squat is a combination of multiple factors with proper timing to be executed to quality standards. Majority of the problems are mobility issues that we can fix with a mobility exercise before a squat session. A personal trainer in Richmond fitness will help you properly warm up before a squat session.

1.) Thoracic extension

A stiff middle-to-upper back will cause the squat to feel forced and unnatural. A quick fix for that is with the use of a foam roller. Place the foam roller underneath the shoulder blades (lying face up) and have your chest pushed upwards. This allows the spine to extend more; allowing more range. A personal trainer in Richmond fitness will ensure you have proper extension before performing a squat.

2.) Shoulder mobility

richmond fitness

richmond fitness

A poor grip on the bar will influence the squat and ultimately performance. Tight shoulders causes the arm to internally rotate and will decrease the quality of the squat. Using an elastic band can easily fix this problem. Hold the band with both hands slightly wider than shoulder width with slight tension, raise both arms up and behind you, and lower the band so that it is now behind you. If it is too easy increase the tension on the band. This will lubricate the shoulder joint during dynamic movement.

3.) Ankle mobility

Without proper ankle mobility, the body will tend to pitch forward in order to compensate for the weight distribution. Place your foot against a wall with the toes up and leg straight. Slowly rock the body forward and back to move through the range of motion in the ankle. This will allow you to feel a stretch in the calf. A personal trainer in Richmond fitness will ensure you have enough ankle mobility before performing the squat.

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