You’ve finally invested money on the location, machines, and the staff has configured your gym to get maximum efficiency. Now, the most critical thing you need to do every month is to ensure that a steady stream of fitness clients come through those gym doors. You have to get people to come to your gym and sign up for membership. Here are five ways to attract more local customers to your gym.

Coupon Drops

Using coupon drops attract local customers to your gym. You can either drop off printed coupons around town within a one hour drive away from your gym, or you can have them access a printable coupon from your official site. The coupon can include a one-week free pass, free consultation with your trainers, or a twenty percent discount on annual gym membership to entice them to come. 

Capitalize on Social Media

It is now a techie world with every single person reliant on their mobile device. Everyone is practically connected via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Capitalizing on digital marketing fitness is a great way to tap local clients. Connect with your clients by frequently updating your page or tweeting about events and promotions. Keeping engaged with your local clients is one way to build loyalty because they know you care. They would be more inclined to share about your gym or give their compelling review if you establish a more personal relationship with them. On top of this, utilize social media advertising, which is cheaper, is targeted locally, and is more effective than the hard-selling traditional ads.


Another great way to attract local customers to your gym is via sponsorships. This means forming a symbiotic working relationship with other businesses, where they help advertise your brand and vice versa. One way to do this is through sporting events [1], where companies come and promote their brand to your gym patrons. In turn, they can give you products or even funds. They can also help market your sporting events to their clients. The key here is finding companies that match your business, like meals on the go or those that sell supplements. Working with local businesses can be useful in gaining greater visibility among new potential customers.

Partner Up to Build Programs

Another great way to attract clients to your gym is to partner up with local companies to help them build their company fitness program. It is vital to make them realize that a healthy worker is the greatest investment because he or she can work optimally. Plan a gym open house for the company and offer bulk discount memberships for their workers that sign up for your fitness program. Maybe partner with the local schools and promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage kids to exercise.

Offer Virtual Classes

Once again, leverage on technology and set-up virtual fitness classes that people can access remotely. Setting up affordable classes online, where people can watch workout videos anytime, is one good way to help augment your gym income. On top of that, this is also an awesome method to keep connected with your members who travel frequently for work or recreation.  

There are many great ways to attract more local clients to your gym. The most important thing is for clients to see and feel your sincerity. Remember that signing them up is not the ultimate goal, but rather it should come secondary to your goal of establishing long-term relationships with them. You have to continue to work hard by providing them good experiences and great customer service to ensure that they stay loyal to your brand.