Large and extra large animal print rugs; Persian, Oriental, shaggy and contemporary wool animal print rugs; large outdoor animal print rugs at discount prices and large bath animal print rugs to match your décor – if you seek fun and funky or elegant and stylish large floor animal print rugs for any area of your home, we show you where the best deals are at for shopping online.

If you’re in the US you’re going to love the large animal print rug selection at a place called World Animal print rugs Emporium. Extra large animal print rugs come in up to 3m X 4m and you can choose from Persian, wool, oriental, shaggy and contemporary designs or round animal print rugs and hall runners.

Funky Large Area Animal Print Rugs from World Animal Print Rugs Emporium

Let’s have a closer look at what large area animal print rug they offer and see what prices you can expect to pay. One fun contemporary collection that’s really affordable is called the Patina animal print rug collection that costs just $64 for a large 170cm x 230cm piece. That price includes mainland US delivery.

All the large contemporary animal print rugs in the collection are not just big and cheap but are very durable and good for high traffic areas because they are machine woven and crafted entirely from resistant polypropylene. These pieces can take a beating and will retain their color and texture and are also much easier to care for than wool. They are easy to maintain and may even be used where normally you may not place an expensive wool animal print rug for fear of damaging it, like in a kitchen or under a dinning table.

Animal Print Rug

Modern Large Floor Animal print rugs

There’s nothing more modern and chic than large shaggy animal print rugs from Innovation Range. These large floor animal print rugs that are truly shaggy are all machine woven but have a wonderful soft shag pile. The most modern collection has a variety of unusual designs and contemporary black and white and red, as well as beige and grey.

The sizes range from 80 x 150cm to 290 x 200cm and there are also long hall runners that measure 60 x 230cm. Prices start at about $49 and go up to about $160. These are great value for your money because the animal print rugs are durable, modern and varied in design, offering a variety of design possibilities, and are also easy to order and include free delivery.

If you have a large space that has hardwood flooring, it is very possible that you need very little to decorate the room if you have a large area animal print rug that sets the theme. If you find that a geometric design is too dramatic, but you want a contemporary shaggy animal print rug design, then select a plain color or a white or being shag design that will blend better while still being modern and chic. The most popular colors are white, cream, green and teal blues. At the World Animal print rugs Emporium, shaggy shag animal print rugs start at just $79, which is very affordable, and come in all the popular colors just mentioned.

Large Persian Animal print rugs For Less

A large Persian animal print rug is not a small purchase and often they are very expensive, so much so that many people simply cannot dream of owning a small one, never mind a large masterpiece for a living room that is very large. But, we have really good news for you. The Royal Palace animal print rugs collection sold through World Animal print rugs Emporium start at just $149 and come in all the Persian designs and colors you dream of. In fact they are so affordable that a 3 meter long large Persian animal print rug need only cost you about $399 instead of thousands. There are even some designs like the Murat and the Noble Art styles that start at just $65 to $69, and come in up to 4 meter lengths. Runners are also available.

Affordable Large Oriental Animal print rugs

If you’ve been dying for an Oriental animal print rug but can’t afford the ones you’ve seen, then have a look at what we suggest. Large oriental animal print rugs from the Afgan Animal print rug Range which are machine made but are in fact 100% wool cost just $239 at the World Animal print rugs Emporium. They are beautifully crafted and look like the real thing and are really large and soft. They are available in the 2 meter size and also in long runners. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal on a round 2 meter Oriental animal print rug that is delivered right to your door for that price.

Ideas for Large Bath Animal print rugs

Large bathroom animal print rugs are not only difficult to find but often ugly and expensive. If you don’t have a wet room style bathroom, but a sealed or enclosed shower area and a dry space where you have a mirror and perhaps some shelves for towels and other items, you may consider a Persian or Oriental animal print rug or a shaggy animal print rug or even a polypropylene piece that’s good enough for indoor and outdoor use. If it can be tossed on the porch and left in the rain, it can surely be a bath animal print rug.

Try being creative and get away from the usual rubber backing bath mats that come in pink and blue and go for something that adds to the personal decor and yet is still functional. Most machine made polypropylene outdoor animal print rugs will work for a bathroom, and most regular animal print rugs can be used as well so long as you have ventilation and the room is basically dry. You can also add a little piece of carpet underlay beneath large animal print rugs in the bath so protect them from moisture.