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Month: June 2020

How Do You Get a Certified Translation Of a Document?

When an individual is seeking certified translation services near me, you possibly can imagine they’re in search of official document printing translation. However, as certified translation Dubai agencies is certified, that company is also understood to provide certified translation services near me.

Some translations include high risks than others: for example, court, embassy or government agency documents. Usually, they need a certified translation in Dubai with the purpose of being accepted.

How a certified translation in Dubai differs from a normal translation? It must include an accuracy certification making sure that the translation is correct in any way and performed to the best knowledge of a certified translator in Dubai. According to the jurisdiction, the documents have legal translation Dubai.

Here in UAE, only certified translator can certify the translated document; customers must hire certified translation services.

Certified Translation for Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Justice in addition to lawyers and other parties is always seeking certified translations. They all are welcome to drop a line at our certified translation services in Dubai. We can provide certified Chinese legal translation of documents that they need to submit to any government department or court in UAE. Our every certified translator in Dubai is fully committed to deliver top-quality translation having broad experience translating any legal document. Most of these translations are used in courts along with the translation certification with the documents.

Please ensure to tell us about the purpose of this translation while contacting with us. Clients from any city of Dubai can benefit from our certified translation services Dubai. If you are much far away from out office or cannot take the translated documents from our company office, we can send the hard copies to you by mail. We offer also interpretation service to Ministry of Justice for deposition, trial, arbitration, hearing, mediation, and attorney-client interview. If any individual from government agency or a company is scheduled to visit in Ministry of Justice who do not know the local language, please contact us about face-to-face interpretation service. We provide both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation service in all the most important languages. Our registered and certified interpreters have good language interpretation skills in their specific language pairs and they know the legal terminologies well.

The translations of the foreign-language documents that need to submit to courts have to be performed by a certified translator. The translation that is performed by a general non-certified translator is typically rejected. Such as, if they need to submit some foreign-language documents in the UAE court, they should look for the support of certified translation services near me that offer certified translations and interpretation services. At AL SYED LEGAL TRANSLATION, the top legal translation company in Dubai, we can offer certified translations of documents for the Ministry of Justice and courts in Dubai. We also produce the translated documents in the same format as the original.

How to get certified translation services in Dubai?

The translation of official documents can also be performed by a common translator but he or she cannot certify the performed translation. This translation is not accepted and is not considered in the exact way as the official authorities want. So, you must need to get a certified translation services Dubai at AL SYED LEGAL TRANSLATION, the best certified translation company in Dubai.

Certified translation in Dubai is a word-to-word natural translation of various documents provided as hard copy on company letterhead. It also includes a stamped and signed translation certificate of accuracy. The translations also have the same format as the source documents. These certified translations are to present in embassies, government agencies or company offices.

The attached translation certification is stamped and signed by our certified translator in Dubai from our legal translation company. We attest that the translation is done by our professional translator provided by our translation company who has competent skills in the both source and target languages and the translations are accurate and complete to the most accurate level in our knowledge.

The AL SYED LEGAL TRANSLATION presents itself as a legal translation and localization company in Dubai that offers certified translation in Dubai at most affordable rates to the ministries such as, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE courts, Land Department etc. Our rates are most competitive among other professional translation agencies in Dubai. We offer the multiple translation plans and packages making sure that our clients get the best value of their investment. We’ve ready-made certified translation services for our clients making sure that all translation projects. We make sure that all our clients enjoy the best certified translation services in the market. read for Exploring the need for interpretation services in UAE for your business

Our professional certified translator Dubai team provides us a competitive advantage over other competitors in market. They not only have native translation skills but they also are expert in their particular industry. So, always count on AL SYED LEGAL TRANSLATION AGENCY.

Why certified translation services is important in Dubai?

The certified or official translation is just what its name implies, and it’s a translation offered in a specialized manner. A main differentiating point for certified translations is the truth that it often includes an Accuracy Certificate legitimizing the translation.

It means that the certified translator is the person who will also verify that the resulting translation has exact and accurate information as the original one. He’s an involuntary verifier of the documents provided in submission.

Our professional translation office in Dubai, have various certified translators in contact, is the best company to choose for certified translation Dubai. In Dubai, agencies for example different immigration offices, government motor vehicle agency for licensing, colleges and universities, patent offices, the courts all over Dubai, law houses more often require certified translations of documents (corporate contract, birth certificate, marriage license, property deed, etc.). With no certified legal translation, these agencies or offices, and many other official services, just won’t accept the authority of the translated document in question — regardless of how accurate or it is translated.

Overseas, several companies and regulatory offices managing a range of industries usually need certified translations too. This is also required for visa processing, registering a company, trying to hire certified company different business permits, buying and selling properties and many similar activities. Moreover, international regulatory agencies need the translation to be certified to comply with their official requirements.

The fact is that any individual, government agency, embassy or company can take advantage immensely from our certified translation services Canada that incorporate top-quality certified translator Dubai team who is familiar how to take care of all translation modes, and can offer trustworthy, quality translations requested each and every time.

Best Family Lawyers Sydney - Cominos Family Lawyer

5 Unique Ways Family Lawyers Can Represent You

Family law is a branch of law that deals with issues relating to family matters and relationships such as marital agreements, divorce, adoption, surrogate parenting custody issues, domestic partnership, amongst others.

Family lawyers are legal representatives who specialize in family law. It’s always best to hire experienced local and professional family lawyers to ensure smooth and efficient handling of your case.

Most people are unaware of the crucial roles family lawyers play. Hence, we’ve put this piece together to inform you about five unique ways family lawyers can represent you.

Marital Agreements

Although marriage is a beautiful thing, get proactive by consulting a family lawyer before the wedding. Also, during your marriage, you can always consult with your family lawyer on issues that bother you. If it’s beyond their capacity to help, they’ll always refer you to the right professional. Moreover, family lawyers help with drafting documents such as prenuptial, postnuptial, and separation agreements.

Prenuptial Agreements

Couples should sign prenuptial agreements. It is a document that dictates wealth sharing if a divorce or break-up occurs. A best family lawyer helps you protect your assets and fully ensures you’re protected if the marriage fails.

Postnuptial Agreements

If you’re already married, and you desire to protect your assets, a family lawyer can draft a postnuptial agreement for you before you dissolve your marriage.

Separation Agreement

Couples may decide to take a break from their marriage without necessarily divorcing. It’s advisable to have a separation agreement in place to avoid conflicts. Having a separation agreement that spells out the duties of each partner as regards, assets, expenses, income, automobile payments, household payments, and more keeps each partner in check and responsible. The primary purpose of a separation agreement in Pennsylvania, PA, is to adequately split assets or debts that you and your partner have accrued during your marriage.

Marital contracts serve to protect you and your assets if an unfortunate situation crops up, and having a family lawyer represent you is highly crucial. Consult family lawyers Media PA, anytime for your correctly drafted marital agreements.

Divorce & Family Lawyer - Cominos family lawyer Sydney


Divorce “can” be a horrid experience. It can be draining emotionally, physically, and financially. More so when it results in lawsuits. However, enlisting the services of a good family lawyer will cushion the draining effects of the process. A family lawyer will mediate between you and your partner to ensure an amicable settlement. That way, you, your partner, and children (if any) don’t leave feeling cheated out.

Domestic Partnership

A domestic partnership is a legally recognized relationship between two people who aren’t married but living together. It’s a status accorded at the state level. It seems similar to a marriage, but it’s legally different.

Domestic partnerships got introduced to enable partners to enjoy such rights as married couples without getting married.

The laws regarding domestic partnership vary from state to state. It is thus essential to get experienced local family lawyers from Sydney. They’re more familiar with laws regarding domestic partnerships in Sydney. They’re also more current on changes to local and state laws concerning domestic unions. Therefore, they’re better able to guide you through all legal processes.


Adopting a child can prove to be quite strenuous. Several factors come into consideration, such as where the child comes from, the adoption regulations in such a state, the type of adoption, and other factors. Also, you’ll need to prove to the state or child welfare services that you’re mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially capable of adopting and taking care of a child.

It also involves lots of legal processes, which might be daunting. Nonetheless, hiring the services of a family lawyer who’s worth their salt will help you make the process easier and faster. They’ll ensure you get custody as a guardian to the child.

Custody Issues

Unique Ways Family Lawyers Can Represent

After divorce occurs, the next battle is usually child custody. Each parent wants to exercise their legal right to protect and care for their children even after separation. It’s often a source of conflict and disagreements between parents.

To avoid disputes and disagreements, which can be an emotional burden on the child/children. Hire a competent family lawyer who’ll draft a proper agreement between parents to define each parent’s roles and responsibilities.

Sometimes, it might be disputes caused by relatives such as step-parents or grandparents wanting to gain custody of a child after your divorce, or after a spouse’s death. A family lawyer will ensure you win the rightful custody of your child and make the process easier.


How family lawyers can represent you is quite exhaustive, and you must consult a family lawyer regarding family-related issues you’re unsure about how to handle. Go for competent and experienced family lawyers in Sydney, for any clarity you seek or for family issues you might have.

Tips To Stay Safe While Ridesharing

Rideshare services are not as safe as you think. There are multiple considerations to take into account when weighing up the risk of rideshare services versus taxis, or private transportation and secure transportation services. The variables are numerous and include country, city, and location of use, time of day, destination, reason, and who you are to name a few.

Here are the Top 5 risks to take into account when considering the use of rideshare services:

Top 5 Risks of Using Rideshare services

1. Risk of Assault

Companies like Uber and Lyft have claimed all their drivers go through some level of security checks before they can operate on the ground.  However, this does not necessarily mean they are genuine or trustworthy, nor does it demonstrate how competent they are behind the wheel.  For example, a male driver from Washington, who worked for both Uber and Lyft, reportedly committed at least five sexual assaults, including rape, against females since 2014 while on duty.  His most current attack was in March 2019 and has subsequently been arrested.

2. Fake drivers

Fake drivers are another concerning problem for the rideshare community.  In March 2019, a female student from North Carolina was kidnapped and murdered after she boarded a vehicle, she believed was her Uber.  This is not an isolated incident and is an increasing concern on a global scale. Implementing logical mitigation measures will help to reduce the risks.  For example, checking the vehicle’s make, model and registration, make sure the driver’s name and/or photo matches your records and ensure your driver has your correct details before getting into their vehicle.  Unfortunately, it’s not possible to completely mitigate the risks.  Boarding a stranger’s vehicle will most likely put you in a vulnerable position, remaining vigilant is crucial.

3. Road Traffic Crashes

Road Traffic Crashes (RTC) are identified as the number one cause of death for travelers worldwide and it’s becoming a global health concern.  The vast majority of Rideshare driving are part-time drivers, not professional, nor trained. The majority just jump in the car on their way home from work and do a few extra hours to supplement income. This also significantly increases the risk of fatigued driving, which is a major risk factor and a cause of multiple accidents.

4. Insurance Coverage Ambiguity

An organization sending employees, students, or volunteers abroad has a legal and moral duty of care for their personal safety. Transporting employees through ridesharing companies and/or unregulated taxis increases the level of risk for the employees, and heightens the corporate liability of employers. There is also no specified insurance coverages, and if something goes wrong the user can only file against the driver who will likely not be covered to provide executive protection services Mexico.

5. Over-reliance on the App

A rideshare driver, for the majority, is not a full-time professional chauffeur and is generally reliant on an App to move from location to location. They follow the guidance from the App blindly. This may be ok in some cities. But as soon as you move into more challenging or dangerous environments one wrong turn or one ‘shortcut’ provided by Waze could lead the vehicle (and therefore the user) into a high-risk environment. Imagine taking a wrong turn in Rio de Janeiro and ending up in a favela. Or, taking a shortcut through a Mexico City suburb.

Duty of Care Considerations: Organization Vs Private user:

As a private user of rideshare services, there are multiple things you can do to help improve travel safety. Click here to read our article on how to increase your safety when using rideshare services

An organization should have robust journey management and overland transportation plan for its travelers. The moral and legal duty of care that is placed on an organization increases the risk of litigation if an incident occurs, but more importantly (we think) is that if the basics are not carried out, and cost is put before travel security, then travelers are placed at increased risk, which can be mitigated significantly with the right precautions in place.

  1. Assess the destination and understand the specific risk of that location.
  2. Empower your travelers by teaching them how to stay safe, increase situational awareness, and react appropriately if an incident occurs. Consider a travel security training course such as ExploreSecure
  3. Use a secure transportation service that has enhanced vetting of drivers, local drivers with all licensing and checks, and appropriate and secure vehicles.
  4. Liaise with a security company for any travel to regions considered challenging or of increased risk. Seek consultation from subject matter experts as to the risks, and how to manage them. Contact Us

7 Tips and Tricks to Hire the Best Trucking Company

When you need your goods transported, you may be looking for the best trucking company to help you. It is important to hire an experienced agency to help you transport your goods. It is advisable to compare the services, reputation, and prices of several trucking companies before hiring one. This will help you hire someone who has huge expertise in the industry. 

Here are some important factors to consider while choosing a trucking company:


Whether you are looking for a small company or a large one, you should check the reputation of the agency. An online research will help you find the right service provider. Read reviews and client testimonials when you need to hire a trucking company. Choosing someone with a lot of good ratings ensures that you’ll get the best services at affordable costs. 


As a potential customer, you would have the right to know what right and responsibility do the drivers have. Look for a company that has a team of experienced and talented drivers. Ask the trucking company for the experience of their drivers. Inquire about the current licenses they carry. 

Trucking fleet

There’s no harm in checking the fleet of the trucking company before hiring one. Though older trucks aren’t bad, you should try to find new trucking company fleet. Newer trucks ensure safety as compared to old ones. 


Depending on your requirements, you can choose the right size and capacity of the truck vehicle. If you want a full load truck, ask the professionals to show you the best available options. Customers who need partial loading truck should focus on small trucks. 


It is essential to hire trucking company that maintains complete transparency with the clients. Ask questions and clarify your doubts before hiring an agency. Once you get satisfactory answers to your queries, you should make the decision of choosing a trucking company that matches your requirements and budget. 


Pricing is an important factor that needs to be considered while hiring an agency for trucking services. Get quotes from a few leading agencies and compare them. This will give you a fair understanding of the market rates and help you make the right decision. 

Timely service

This is another factor that ensures the efficiency of services. The trucking company should be able to offer timely delivery of the goods. When you communicate with the service provider, find out whether they are able to respond to your queries in a timely manner. Ask them whether they can manage timely service for the clients. 

In a Nutshell

Put an emphasis on all the above-mentioned factors when you need to pick a trucking company. Look for capable and competent service providers in the industry. Whether you need a small or mid-sized truck or a large one, make sure that you get the best value for the money you spend for trucking services. Look for an agency that follows proper safety standards and procedures to ensure smooth transportation services

For Learn more about transportation or any other Vectra Heavy Haulers services, or contact us if you have any questions.

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