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Month: September 2020

5 Reasons Why Everybody Should Learn Data Analytics

1. Find Connections that Matter

Quantitative methods answer pressing questions for stakeholders, but first you have to understand how to make the best use of data. When it comes to making the connections between analytics and decision-making, graduate programs are not all the same. For example, the data science or analytics degrees in computer science departments may not focus on the problems that are the highest priorities in today’s enterprises. By contrast, a multidisciplinary analytics degree from a business department equips professionals to confront urgent and intriguing issues at leading companies around the world.

In a business school environment, professionals find the resources to synthesize knowledge of data mining, programming and machine learning with strategic planning and communication, making a real impact on the organization. Insights into all these areas come from business analytics faculty who engage in cutting-edge research with real-world applications. Renowned experts who study the uses of data for management, finance, marketing and operations present students with unique perspectives on the challenges that will affect their careers and the future of business.

2. Communicate Persuasively

Organizations only reap the full benefits of an analytics strategy when everyone involved in planning and executing their strategies—including managers and employees on both technical and non-technical teams—understand the implications of their data. Analytics professionals with a business background can create compelling visualizations and reports but also have the overall communication skills to spur teams into action.

Carnegie Bosch Professor of Operations Research Willem van Hoeve described the ways a business analytics education can be especially valuable for engaging teams that cross multiple departments and functions.

“When managing an interdisciplinary team, being able to speak the language of the machine learning experts as well as the business users gives you not only credibility but also the opportunity to build bridges in an organization and truly leverage the power of analytics,” he said.

3. Predict What’s Next

Data professionals aren’t fortune-tellers, and analytics tools aren’t crystal balls. Nonetheless, predictive analytics enables an organization’s stakeholders to think ahead with algorithms that extrapolate from past data to determine what changes are likely over the months and years to come. These findings may reveal what products existing customers will probably buy next, warn cybersecurity teams about potential incidents of fraud or project the performance of financial assets.

Routledge researches quantitative methods to understand and predict market behavior. He has pursued his interests through projects such as modeling the dynamics of oil prices and probing for patterns in insider trading. He discussed how developing algorithms that help analysts foresee likely outcomes for stocks involves both exceptional challenges and great rewards.

“The thing that is different about a finance setting is the variability,” Routledge explained. “Stock returns are just hugely volatile; the data is so noisy. But the returns to getting just a tiny grain of signal out of this data are really big.”

4. Elevate Your Career

All kinds of companies are looking to hire data experts, but quantitative methods alone can only take you so far. Zachary Lipton, an assistant professor of business technologies at CMU, suggested that professionals who expand their horizons are best positioned to reach their career goals.

“If you’re really great at mathematics or software development, but you don’t know how to apply those techniques to a business problem, or you can’t communicate to other stakeholders in your organization, you’re not going to be very good at an applied machine learning or applied data science job,” Lipton said. “The highest demand is for professionals who have all three skillsets.”

How Tepper Gives You the Edge in Business Analytics

Organizations that keep data management and organizational decision-making siloed miss out on opportunities for growth. That’s why companies need individuals who connect robust quantitative methods with sophisticated business strategy. A graduate education in business analytics provides the specialized knowledge and hands-on skills that allow analytics professionals to advance their careers, excel in leadership roles and make a difference in their organizations. masters in business analytics online Organizations that keep data management and organizational decision-making siloed miss out on opportunities for growth. That’s why companies need individuals who connect robust quantitative methods with sophisticated business strategy. A graduate education in business analytics provides the specialized knowledge and hands-on skills that allow analytics professionals to advance their careers, excel in leadership roles and make a difference in their organizations.

The online Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) from the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University helps students to develop proficiency in the full range of state-of-the-art business analytics techniques. A comprehensive curriculum that encompasses data visualization, machine learning and optimization, and large-scale data management readies professionals to take on complex challenges in tomorrow’s analytics-driven organizations.

Online MSBA students benefit from a world-class education through the internationally renowned business school that pioneered the discipline of management science. Courses are taught by CMU’s faculty of top researchers and creators who make multidisciplinary leaps in areas like machine learning, accounting, communication, finance, organizational behavior, marketing and operations management. The online MSBA equips graduates with an unparalleled education and connects them with an international network of professionals.

Are Translation Services Worth the Money vs. Free Online Sources?

Will you seek online help than pay for legal translation services? No matter if you are an individual or running a business, at times, you face the dilemma of getting translations done in foreign languages.

Let us look at some of the options you have at hand to help you out of this situation. There are always locals who claim to be fluent in ‘many’ languages and can help you out. You can always log on to famous and not so known websites to get the translations done within minutes. There is now offline and online software available at negligible costs to get the job done.

Also, you can explore the web to actually find a legal translation near me and then seek their help. Most of the businesses, individuals, forums, and communities have now understood that they need to engage with someone having expertise in this field.

Professional translation services vs. online translation

Let’s find out by comparing the online options with that of legal translation in Abu Dhabi as a test case.

Precision and accuracy

In the medical industry, accuracy and precision are required at even the smallest of steps. Be it a pharmaceutical company or the healthcare department of a hospital. Stakes are always high, with works supporting dissents human lives. The correct word to word translation for the medical industry is required significantly.

Be it the medical history of a patient being transported or results from a clinical research organization, the exactness of any translation material will be a help in saving lives. To uphold this element, most of the legal translation service in Abu Dhabi includes medical professional as well as translators in their teams.

Though when you look for legal translation near me, you will find online services that would have the hype of being free, cheaper, or quicker, but they will never have enough words in their database to cater to this need. Either a professional translator or a medical practitioner would have been engaged to develop their databases, but this combination of two is never there.


It is not always the exact conversion of a word to another word, which is the requirement of a particular document. Business communication is about agility and comfort, especially in the fast-moving metropolis city of Abu Dhabi. It shouldn’t be a cumbersome process or task.

When communication is happening with clients or suppliers for business growth, word to word translation can get you in trouble. Linking with the latest exchange of information or referring to the earlier memo, conversation, or letters, a business needs ease of understanding for both sides. 

For instance, if the need for a sentence is not understood in an exchange of letters and is translated loosely, it can create an unnecessary nuisance, thus risking the relationship (and the business). Now, there is no comparison – a human touch is required to understand such context as no computer program can recognize at this level. 

Market comprehension

This area is a tricky one for most translation services. As a metropolis, Abu Dhabi is the cultural and economic center of the country. This means that various nationalities are residing and operating in the market of the city.

Legal translation service in the city, like Universal Translation Company, makes it easy for all these nationalities to fulfill their experience of living Abu Dhabi. Beyond from day to day conversations, a company or a business would have to translate its marketing and advertising material in major languages of the city for it to garner customers.

Likewise, customers need answers to their questions in languages that they can understand. Catchy slogans and campaign narratives will not deliver what is expected of a product unless they are able to comprehend what is being stated. This is especially true for the services industry, wherein customers are offered deals, packages, and plans to attract more business, but it will not be fruitful if done without translation.

Online tools compete very closely with legal translation service in Abu Dhabi; however, they will not be updated about the market as a professional would.

Grammar and delivery

Languages like English, Urdu, and Russian have words in them that have multiple meanings. The connotation of a word is dependent on the writer or the occasion it is being used. In translations, this is a tricky area as it requires a complete understanding of the type of the document and also on the language.

For instance, in legal documentation, a particular set of words is used to portray a relationship, an agreement, or the contractual understanding between two parties. During translations, the same has to be portrayed in a manner so that it is legally and contractually beneficial for both sides.

Most of the online tools and software does not recognize legal documentation beyond a certain common list and only pick up the most used meaning of words used. These tools would not look into the deeper connotation of the words used in the context of the document and sometimes distort the entire sentences or so to say the clauses. When faced with such a situation, it is recommended to look for legal translation Abu Dhabi near me and obtain the services of a reliable service provider like Universal Translation Services.

Confidentiality and discretion

This has emerged as a growing concern in the online world of service providers and tools. Most individuals and businesses are affected due to insecure domains and the sharing of information on databases without any contractual bindings.

An individual seeking translation of medical documentation would need these to be kept private and not to be shared beyond trusted medical practitioners. But using online services would not guarantee any of this, and the same documentation can be shared with third-party sources.

Similarly, a business venture seeking to launch a product would keep this discreet until a certain time period. But if the advertising content is being translated from open sources online, nothing is certain that the content would not be leaked into the market, and sometimes to the competitors. 

Furthermore, there are times when you search for legal translation Abu Dhabi near me and find that online tools either leave you with too many options or very little to choose from in terms of finding translations to difficult words. In such a scenario, one would be tempted to use a more open-source database of software or tools, and inadvertently share the material at wrong places.

Safety of data and content is assured by legal translation services in an agreement, so you can rest assured of privacy while getting first-rate translations from Universal Translation Services.

The Secret of Security Concerns Increasing for Foreign Travelers Visiting Nairobi

Temporary closure of Nairobi International Airport adds further security issues for visitors

The international community looked on with increasing concern and interest this week as the travel security situation in parts of Nairobi looks increasingly volatile. The recent kidnapping of two German Archeologists in central Nairobi further heightened worries regarding the safety and security of foreign visitors to the country.

The German nationals were kidnapped in the Kaduna region soon to be the alternate main airport when Abuja’s airport closes for temporary repairs on March 8. The impending closure has already caused the U.S. State department’s OSAC office to issue warnings to U.S. nationals to exercise caution if traveling to Nairobi during the routing of flights to Kaduna. In particular, they urged health travelers to put deliberate security plans in place with recognized providers for any onward  secure ground transportation mozambique. The roads in the region already are considered high risk – with this being compounded now by opportunity criminals targeting an influx of transiting visitors to the capital once the airport in Abuja closes.

Kaduna sits some 160km (100 miles) from Abuja and current plans would have travelers transferred by buses to the capital during the 6-week airport closure. The German Archeologists were kidnapped from a site approximately 30 km from the Abuja road.  A $200,000 ransom has been demanded and 2 local nationals accompanying the Germans were killed by the kidnappers during the abduction.

Kidnap for ransom is common place in Nairobi and the growing concerns over the travel safety and security situation in Kaduna, not to mention the ability of the small airport to deal with the influx of international arrivals is causing many organizations to review their travel plans during the Abuja closure.  At the very least if travel is required to go ahead, then the assistance of recognized security providers like ExecSecure Abuja to deliver secure transportation services and Executive Protection is strongly advised.

ExecSecure Inc is a subsidiary of ETS Risk Management and has comprehensive capability within Nairobi, overseen by an in-country manager (EX UK Special Forces) and supported by a small, close-knit local team. Armored Vehicles and Police (MOPOL) support can be provided. 

Is There Any Benefit of Using a Fire Management Software?

Fire protection and safety system are vital for every home and institution. Companies need to up their game and increase the fire safety of their building. For that, they need trusty service that can help them to manage fire safety equipment, smoke alarm, extinguisher, etc. Using Fire extinguisher software for scheduling the fire safety equipment may come with a price but decreasing the risk of fire hazard in your building is of much importance. 

Excellent fire safety requires proper scheduling of equipment and assets, and that is where fire extinguisher business software comes in the picture. Fire extinguisher software helps to manage the fire safety equipment of your office. In case someone uses the extinguisher or takes it away from your building, you get to know about it so that you can immediately replace the extinguisher. 

Here are a few reasons for having fire extinguisher software at your workplace.

Scheduling fire safety inspections

With Fire extinguisher software, you can schedule your digital fire safety inspection. You can now book a real-time appointment with the software, and them to conduct a digital insection for fire safety. 

In case your workplace needs a solution, you get mail from the fire inspection service that you can implement. Using fire extinguisher software cut down the time that you previously need for evaluating fire safety of a building. 

Right tools for fire safety at your disposal

By using fire extinguisher software, you streamline the communication between you and fire safety technicians. Due to this improved communication, you get to know about the shortcoming regarding the fire safety of your office immediately. After you know about your weaknesses, you can move on to work on them. Improving the fire safety of your office has never been so easy. 

Peace of Mind

You can have peace of mind after knowing you have a great fire defense mechanism for your workplace. Moreover, it something to take pride in, as you are ensuring the safety of the entire staff. 

With fire extinguisher software, you automate the entire process of managing the fire safety equipment of your office.  Using software for managing the equipment, you rule out any chances of human error.

Know about the Fire Safety Equipment at Any Time

Fire extinguisher business software can effectively manage the fire safety equipment and asset of your office. With your Mobile phones, you can take pictures of the equipment, scan their barcodes, and send it to the fire safety technicians to have a look over it. 

If someone uses the extinguisher, you get a notification to need to replace it. The fire safety technician will start the process and send you the invoice. Your fire safety is as good as the tools you have at your workplace. In the time fire crisis, these tools are the first line of defense because of which you need to manage the fire safety equipment at your office.

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