When it comes to Edmonton houses…The space is only as small as your thinking.

If you’re looking for some great bathroom renovations Calgary ideas, you need to think outside the box–figuratively and literally.

What Defines a Small Bathroom?

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A new homes in the eyes of Donald Trump will probably be different in the eyes of you or me.

So, for one thing, Edmonton houses are small in relation to the overall size of the house. Generally, we can say that a new homes ranges from 1.5 square metres to 4 or 5 square metres.

Secondly, Edmonton houses do not all have the same functions. A new home builder can be:

  • Half-Bath: A toilet and sink, just a place for guests to take care of their basic needs and wash their hands.
  • Three-Quarter Bath: Toilet, sink, and either shower or tub. A fully-functioning bathroom to take care of all of the residents’ needs.
  • Full Bath: Toilet, sink, shower, and tub. It’s difficult to shoehorn a separate shower and tub into a Edmonton houses, so these tend to be combined as one unit.

Small Bathroom Design and Renovation Ideas – Tips and Tricks

  • Use pedestal sinks rather than large vanity cabinets to save space.
  • Be mindful of the “door swing.” In a Edmonton houses, the door swing can take up as much as 25% of the room.
  • Windows, while always welcome, can take up valuable space and make it harder to place large units (shower, tub).
  • Place toilet, sink, and shower/tub along one wall to mitigate costs.
  • Lighter paint colours make the room feel airier, larger.
  • While it might not seem logical, laying ceramic or resilient tile at a diagonal makes small bathrooms feel less cramped.
  • How do you feel about linen closets? If you have closet space just outside of the bathroom, this is the place where you should store towels–instead of taking up valuable space inside the bathroom.
  • Don’t overload the senses with wide trim. Keep the trim proportional to the size of the houses for rent Edmonton.
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Get This Look for Your Small Bathroom

Why This Works for Edmonton housing: Peaceful colours give new homes feeling of spaciousness. Wainscoted shelf behind sink provides storage space.