Keywords are the first thing you need to consider when doing google seo optimization website or blog. Like 4p in offline marketing, keywords are the place. Place is very important in the success of a business that we will run. If we have a vantage point the offline business that we run a successful close. Although there still remain other motivating factors that determine the success of a business that is run after the election. If a strategic place will be easier to attract consumers to get into our shop.

In the online business place is keywords, selecting the right keywords will determine the success rate of online business that we run. Keywords be the first thing you must prioritize before you build a website / blog. You can do the proper research keywords for your online business. The more precise the better, choose keywords that have high relevance to online business you run. The more relevant the better.

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Research keywords is something quite boring, because you will choose keywords from hundreds or even thousands of keywords that exist. But it would be easier if you use SEO tools to research keywords such as market samurai, Stealth Competition Keywords analyzer and other SEO tools.

If you do not want to bother, research keywords are usually included in the package are many cheap seo los angeles services offered by SEO companies around the world. You just choose the most professional SEO company do you think, and matched with an online business you run. There are many SEO firms, but not many are professionals. Choose a SEO company who truly professional and reliable.

Keywords the more specific the better, the origin of many of its increase search engine ranking and a little competition. This means that the more specific the keywords will become longer. Well if you want optimal results in my opinion is to choose the Long Tail keywords from the short tail keywords. But the purpose of selecting the Long tail keywords is to get the short keywords. Why choose Long Tail keywords:

More and more alternative keywords

The longer the keywords then the alternative will be more and more keywords. Long Example keywords: seo companies los angeles ca, now of keywords can be described again be short keywords SEO company, SEO Los Angeles. If your keywords optimization SEO long you will get some short keywords, but if you are a direct optimization of short keywords then you will not get a long keywords.

More Specific

The longer the more specific keywords on something, the more specific the better. Usually the more specific competition in the SERP Google will be less, but if you choose the right keywords can be a lot seeker.

Targeted Website Traffic

The longer the keywords that we aim at the traffic that comes will be more targeted. Because keywords are enough to determine people to get into your website / blog our company. You can also make some marketing strategy for fitness website to increase your fitness business website


Usually the longer the keywords then the competition will be less, which means it’s easier to be in the top ten of Google.

Little but a lot of

If you are able to place thousands of long tail keywords, although the number of keywords per seeker little but you will get a lot of traffic too. It would be simple and easy as competition is heavy. The key is to post as many articles as possible.

Five of the above in my opinion the reason why I prefer the Long Tail keywords first. Confidence to choose keywords is of course based on research keywords that have been done. Short keywords and good, but if you focus on the short keywords then when you was ranked the top 10 google, you will lose the long tail keywords.


Select the Long Tail keywords first, post articles as often and as much as possible. Over time your site will occupy a strategic position in the SERP with a short tail keywords.