Human microbiome analysis is considered to be the study of microbial communities which is mainly found in and on the human body. So, the main goal of these human microbiome studies is to properly understand the role of microbes in disease and health. 

This involves studying samples from blood, stool, or human skin by making use of time-intensive microbiology techniques like microbiome sequencing. 

Again, this particular technique involves growing and isolating individual organisms which are eventually followed by the genotypic or phenotypic analysis. But, this particular method cannot be used for microbial community profiling specifically within a single sample. 

Next Generation Or Microbiome Sequencing

You would be able to gain insights into viruses and bacteria with the help of next-generation or microbiome sequencing. 

NGS also helps to effectively monitor disease outbreaks. So, whether you are performing metagenomics studies or monitoring disease outbreaks, the microbial NGS methods will help to efficiently discover answers.

In this regard, it is possible to seamlessly move through the sequencing workflow with the help of user-friendly reagents as well as software. 

Talking about the next generation of microbiome sequencing service, it is considered to be an effective method for studying the human microbiome. The advent of this NGS has contributed to various high-profile projects such as MetaHIT and Human Microbiome Project. 

These particular projects have published an extensive range of data on the human microbiome. As a result, next-generation sequencing or NGS is used, in this case, as a foundational tool

Also, the cost savings and throughput of NGS have effectively fueled metagenomics studies which are capable of surveying the genomes of overall communities. 

More Information Regarding This

Next-generation or microbiome sequencing has specifically enabled a culture-independent microbiome analysis which was impossible to achieve in the past. 

Due to this NGS, a lot of the research studies has recently remerged which associates the microbiome with the disease such as autism, obesity and also influence cancer therapy

This is due to its high throughput nature along with the parallel advancements in bioinformatics for the proper analysis of data. 

So, microbiome research is found to have a significant impact on health. This is also rapidly growing with the growth of microbial databases. 

Therefore, it is very important to know about the different NGS methods along with the NGS considerations which can empower your microbiome research. 

Various NGS Methods For Analyzing The Human Microbiome

  • Shotgun Metagenomic Sequencing

This is considered to be an important method of DNA sequencing that enables broad sampling of all genes in almost every organism. Also, this specific method is conducted in the case of a given complex microbial sample. 

  • Microbial Metatranscriptomics

This method helps in the analysis application of all RNAs which are encoded by a group of microorganisms specifically within a complex sample.

  • 16S rRNA Sequencing 

This particular method helps in the identification and comparison of the bacteria that are present within a given sample.

Final Words

So, these are some of the most important things that you should know about the microbiome or next-generation sequencing.